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Style + You Have You Need

You Have, You Need: Camel Blazer Edition

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling less connected to this blog since the pandemic started.  To change that, I started looking through old posts from the golden years (2013-2015) to see if any of the old features caught my eye.  And there, like a shining beacon of light, bathed in Hallelujah Chorus, was You Have, You Need ready to be reborn.

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You Have, You Need: Black Trousers

Let me set the scene… It’s 6:04PM on a Thursday night.  You have a holiday party in 56-minutes.  You’re standing in your closet thinking, “Why didn’t I buy a new dress for this?  I don’t have anything that I haven’t worn 10 times.”  Then, you reach into the back of the closet, pull out the trusty dress/jeans/blouse that you wear when you get into this …

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