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You Have, You Need: Geometric Blouses

Some professional women find it challenging to wear color and to wear prints.  Neutrals (especially black) are just so much easier.  But a geometric blouse in a sophisticated color palette makes wearing color easy and chic.  Here’s how to pull it all together.

The Geometric Blouse // This chain print blouse from Mango is so chic in person.  (Also, if you love geometric prints, Mango is the spot for you.)  I love the vintage vibe of the print and the verdant color palette.  Want to go bolder?  Try this coral print that screams Woodstock, in a good way.  I also love this blue and ivory print that’s a little more subtle.

Still prefer to stick to neutrals?  This black and ivory diamond print is fabulous, so is this variated dot print.  Plus-size? Try this Nic + Zoe blouse.

Look No. One // This collarless, boucle ivory blouse from J.Crew is amazing.  Depending on how you choose to style it, it can be modern or traditional.  The material is fantastic, and the look is on point.  And the best part, it’s inclusively sized, 00-24.

Ann Taylor has a similar blazer in crepe (which is also substantially cheaper) that can be turned into a suit with pants or a skirt.  If you need something even less expensive, try this Kris blazer. Plus-size?  Try this Noir blazer.

So why the ivory blazer?  The color complements the foundation color of the green and ivory blouse.  This interplay with neutrals creates a unified foundation.

The reason to add a long pendant is to play with the v-neckline of the blouse and the blazer.  Having a blazer with a v-neck with a pendant is just a clean look that builds on homogenous lines.  Whereas a necklace like this one, as nice as the choker is, would clash.

Look No. Two // If you want to play up the color instead of toning it down, add a green sweater.  This wrap sweater from & Other Stories is fantastic.  It’s a more casual jacket alternative for the office or a way to finish off a look with a blouse and jeans.  Size up if between sizes.

Not into the wrap style?  Try this longline Wolf & Badger cardigan.  Need a plus-size option?  This Amazon Essentials v-neck comes in a myriad of colors and is inclusively sized.

To finish off this look, I would wear a distressed jean, a cool heel boot, and a hoop earring.  A wrap cardigan and coordinating blouse is a great way to look professional in a business casual office where a blazer would be too much.  So this outfit is one that I’ve pulled together for the blog, but that I will actually be buying for myself, because I like it that much.

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  1. Marie says:

    Oh wow I LOVE these looks! That J Crew blazer is to die for….I probably can’t justify the price right now but wow it looks fantastic.

    March 3, 2023/Reply
  2. Samantha says:

    I tried on the Ann Taylor Blazer ivory blazer last weekend. The crepe is weird, wrinkles easy and it’s narrow in the shoulders, but big in the hips.

    The big thing on the Hill right now are longer, knee length and below dresses with blazers. Could you feature some of those?

    March 3, 2023/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Let me look around.

      March 3, 2023/Reply
  3. Chloe says:

    I have a freakishly similar-looking blouse that I bought on a whim (TJ maxx baby) and I’ve been wondering how best to style it! Request … more on wrap sweaters! I like this as an alternative to blazers but don’t want to add too much bulk. Do you fully wrap it? Do you swap in a belt? What about sleeve density?So many questions!!

    March 7, 2023/Reply