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Thursday Outfit: Simple and Elegant

I hate frenetic mornings.  Mornings when you sleep just thismuch too late.  Mornings when you’re standing in front of your closet with 90-seconds to pick an outfits and everything is either stained, wrinkled, or too small.  When you just grab something and yell, ‘GOOD ENOUGH.’

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The List: Professional Cardigans

Even though I don’t work as an attorney, I volunteer my services at a local non-profit.  And the dress code is a bit more relaxed than I’m used to — not jeans, but not suits either.  So I went looking for a few structured, professional cardigans to wear with my business separates.  Here’s some of what I found.

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Monday Outfit: Work from Home Attire

With 2020 fully upon us, I’m working from home full-time until the primaries are over.  Many days, my schedule requires me to jump on a conference call or run errands (printer, sign drop-off, etc.).  So I need to bridge a gap — casual enough for home, but with the ability to dress up a bit for a quick hello.

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