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Five Items That Make Working From Home Easier

“How do you do this every day?” My friend A has never worked from home one day in her 16-year career.  Last night, she sent me that text message with a picture of her head laying on her keyboard.  “I just want to sit in a conference room and talk to other people.”

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Four Ways: Styling Ideas for Leggings

I swore that I would never write the post about styling leggings “for work.”  And under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t.  But with so many of us working remotely, and all of us in need of as much comfort as possible, these are not normal circumstances.  This is work fashion in the time of coronavirus.

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The $29 Sweatshirt I Live In

Working from home three days per week is great, and terrible.   It’s awesome because some of my breaks consist of puppy snuggles.  It’s terrible because my breaks also include doing the dishes or the laundry.  But the best part of working from home is the freedom to wear what I want.

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