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You Have, You Need: A Striped Tee

Some pieces are just so versatile that you can build any outfit with them.  A striped tee is one of those pieces, but sometimes it doesn’t need a lot of help, it just needs a light lift.

Striped Tee // I own several striped tees.  In fact, I own six of the same striped tee.  I found one that I loved years ago, and I stocked up for life when they were $18 a piece.  But regardless of my cache, this Mango tee may have made its way into my cart.

I like the thicker striped and the white collar accent.  It’s relaxed and cool.  Plus-size? Target has a very similar style with the white collar accent.

A Leather Jacket + Cool Sneakers // This faux-leather jacket from BlankNYC is one that I just replaced.  I bought it at the Anniversary Sale several years ago, and it accidentally got washed (whoops).  But with the affordable price at Rack, it was easy to pick up another.  This Thread & Supply jacket is very similar and available in more sizes.  Try this Levi’s jacket for plus size.

Prefer a hooded blazer?  This Khloe one is a splurge, but very cool if you will get the wears out of it.  This Liverpool one is more my speed. Plus?  This Lane Bryant jacket is a good option.

For the cool sneakers, I think this Boden sneaker with metallic and leopard accents is awesome.  These Golden Goose knockoffs are also cool.  Or just grab a pair of metallic Vejas.

A Gauze Scarf + Malachite Earrings // You don’t need a topper (blazer, sweater, etc.) to pull an outfit together.  When you add a scarf, it completes the look without requiring a topper.  And if you’re concerned about being hot, a gauze scarf is the ticket.  This one from Madewell is fab.

The malachite earrings give you a little bit of color and provide visual interest.  With the scarf, they draw the eye to the face and really frame out the look.  This pair from Wolf & Badger are sublime.  I also like this $20 pair from Rack are also nice.

For this look, I would recommend wearing your hair up.  The messier and more dry shampoo’ed the better.  This is the dream.

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  1. Jamie says:

    The link to the Golden Goose knockoffs goes to the Boden pair also. Can you share the link you intended? I love Golden Goose but they are pricey!

    February 9, 2023/Reply
  2. Anna says:

    I’d love more striped tee recs in different shapes, styles, stripe widths, etc. That Target top is doing the weird wide and cropped thing that’s trendy now and isn’t flattering on me and I need to replace my beloved Banana Republic striped tee that’s showing it’s age.

    February 10, 2023/Reply
  3. amanda says:

    The Thread&Supply jacket link goes to the Target striped shirt. Can you please update?

    February 10, 2023/Reply
    • Belle says:


      February 13, 2023/Reply