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Gift Guides 2020: Kyle’s Gift Guide for Men

In preparation for this gift guide, Abra sent me a selection of men’s gift guides.  And some of these bloggers must had COVID because their recommendations are tasteless.  (Abra tried to remove this joke, I demanded it stay in.  Gallows humor is the free space on my 2020 Bingo Card.)  So let’s lead into 2021 with gifts that the men in your life will be …

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The Beauty Range: Makeup Bags for Gifting

Makeup bags make great holiday gifts for the ladies in your life.  But who hasn’t purchased what they thought was a nice makeup bag only to have it split open or refuse to zip after two weeks?  Here are a few bags that I can vouch for either from personal experience or friend recommendations.  (I listed them from most expensive to least.)

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Opinion Page: Product Follow-Ups

One of the things I struggle with is when influencers sing the praises of a product, and then you never hear about it again. Remember Beauty Pie?  It filled the feeds of so many influencers for months, and now, crickets.  The Always Pan seems to be everywhere right now, but who knows how many of its devotees will still be singing its praises when the …

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