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The Weekly Edit: Here Comes the Sun

Winters in Montana are cold, and they are long.  They could start in August and finish in April, and then throw in a June snowstorm just to remind you who’s really in charge.  But the wonderful thing about Southwestern Montana winters is that even when the wind chill has plunged to 30-below-zero, and the snow drifts reach roof, the sun is almost always shining.

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Features + The Range

The Range: Silk Tees

Silky tees are a great piece for working women.  In a professional office, you can layer them under blazers.  In a business casual office, you can tuck them into a pair of colored trousers.  And make sure you do.not.miss the Front Desk option today, it’s a good one.

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Features + Gift Guide

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Under-$50

I’m never sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day.  Is it a lovely celebration of human connection or a fake holiday created by florists and greeting card companies? As a woman who was unapologetically single for most of her adult life, I was glad when Galentine’s Day became a thing.  But as a married woman, it’s nice to get a thoughtful note from my husband …

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Features + Saw It On Social

Saw It On Social: Gem Vitamin Bites

By now, you know how Saw It On Social works.  I Google something, and my Facebook feed is flooded with ads for related products.  I buy them, try them, and review them.  Because with so many new brands paying for sponsored influencer content, it can be tough to get an honest read on a product.

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