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Style + Fantastic Finds

The Find: Meet CalPak

With both personal and work travel returning to our collective calendars, it’s time to brush the dust off our luggage.  I recently purchased a couple of products from the brand CalPak, and I love them.  They’re stylish, well-made and make your traveling experience feel a little more glamorous.

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Style + Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Boozy Popsicles

I thought a boozy frozen treat would be the perfect thing for this week.  But I’m in Montana, and it’s snowing.  In mid-June.  Every time this happens I get a little bit further away from convincing my husband to move for my job.  Because he can tolerate a lot of things, but snow in June is a stretch.

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Happy Hour: The One About Snack-Dinner

As part of my weight-loss goals, I’m having a piece of fruit and a green juice in the morning, a regular sized lunch, and something I call “snack dinner.”  Yes, I feel a bit like an old woman talking about having a snack for dinner, but here we are.  And right now, my favorite snack dinner is Cucumber-Shrimp Boats.

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