Started during an uneventful congressional recess in August 2008, this blog began its life as Capitol Hill Style, a fashion blog for D.C. women who didn’t want to sacrifice their personal style for professional success. As the blog grew beyond the Beltway, it needed a new name, and The Work Edit was born.

The Work Edit is written for women who care about their job, and how they dress for it.  We reject the misconception that being a “career woman” means that we cannot also love fashion.  The Work Edit features styling tips, product reviews, and professional guidance for fashionable ladies with serious jobs.  From the front desk to the C-suite, we understand that when you look good, you feel good, so you can do your best work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Belle?

    When I started this blog, I worked on Capitol Hill, and the House ethics office had a problem with me using my real name. Something about lobbyists funneling gifts through my blog. I complied with their request, and used the pseudonym Belle. Since then, I’ve slowly started using my real name on the blog, so I go by both.

  • Where do you live?

    Currently, I split my time between Washington, D.C. and Washington state. I hope to be living in D.C. full-time by the close of 2017.

  • What do you do for a living?

    After finishing law school and being admitted to the bar, I thought I’d be working as an attorney, but life is funny that way. A friend decided that he wanted to run for Congress, and I decided that I needed to help him, so I’m back in politics for a little while.

  • Do you accept reader questions?

    Of course, contact me at capitolhillstyle@gmail.com. Some questions are featured on the blog, so sign with your initials or a pseudonym if you don’t want your name used.

  • How does The Work Edit make money?

    Through a combination of affiliate links and sidebar ads. The affiliate links are either through Amazon or Shopstyle, and the ads are through Google.

  • Does The Work Edit accept sponsored posts?

    While sponsored content has become a staple of the fashion blogging world, The Work Edit never accepts money for posts. I will accept a product to review or giveaway, but this is a rarity. In the past, I’ve been lucky to partner with brands, like M.M. LaFleur, but I still don’t accept cash payments for that content. I don’t foresee this policy changing.

Thanks for reading