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Happy Hour: Bruleed LaCroix Cocktail

Who wants to make cocktails right now?  I barely have the energy to cook food.  But when a cocktail is this easy, maybe I can summon up some Fridaynight I-have-tomorrow-off-anyway energy to shake one up.

This Bruleed Lemon Sour LaCroix from Boxwood Avenue is a simple cocktail with three ingredients: Lemon LaCroix, Sour Mix, and Vodka.  And as an added bonus, if you want to play with fire, you can brûlée a lemon slice and add a sprig of rosemary.

I find most store bought sour mix to be sugary and disgusting.  You can make your own (which would make a great homemade gift).  If you want to buy it, a bartender friend recommends Zing Zang.  It contains only water, sugar, lemon and lime juices, citric acid and orange bitters.  It also comes in small cans so it will stay fresher longer.

How do we feel about sweatshirt dresses?  This one from Z Supply feels like a great option for a just slightly dresses up Friday cocktail with your roommate, partner, or neighbor.  (You could also layer it over leggings if you, like me, haven’t shaved your legs this week.  Yeah, let’s go with week.)  The dress also comes in black.

Athleta also has a really cozy looking sweater dress on offer right now.  This hooded sweatshirt is also fun and casual.

Plus-size?  Try this Universal Standard dress.

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  1. Julie Thompson says:

    Love sweatshirt dresses! Ordered two from Talbots earlier this year and they are so fun and easy to wear!

    December 13, 2020/Reply