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Best Things from Amazon: Mini Vacuum Cleaner

The more pregnant I get, the harder it is to run errands.  I can stand for very long, walk for very long, and frankly, I’m so tired by the end of my work day, I don’t want to fight the Target crowds for toothpaste or Gatorade.  As a result, my use of Amazon is up 250% since the start of my third trimester.

And while some Amazon products are a total waste of time, I’ve been surprised by the gems I’ve found over the past few weeks.  So during this short week, I’d like to share a few of them with you.

This mini-vacuum cleaner was a product that I was very skeptical about.  I kept seeing it on Influencer Instagram, and I just wasn’t understanding the need.  Until, my husband and I bought an espresso machine, and wound up with coffee grounds everywhere, and no amount of wiping up could remove every ground.

And what I started out as one mini-vacuum cleaner has turned into three mini-vacuum cleaners.  I have one at my desk (for lunch crumbs and other debris) and another in husband’s bathroom for all the hair that seems to accumulate on his counter.

The product works well, is easy to empty, and has a decent number of uses.  If you have kids and want to get them more engaged in cleaning, this is a fun way for them to help out.  Just vacuum up the crumbs and then wipe down the counter.

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  1. E says:

    Pregnancy is when I started grocery delivery (because the smell of the food (prepared foods, produce, etc.) was one of the many things that triggered my up until the day before I delivered vomiting) and it’s still one of my favorite things to recommend (or gift) for newborn moms. Many years later and I still do the vast majority of my grocery shopping via delivery.

    July 5, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I don’t have the vomiting, but I have to force myself to eat most meals because the sight of food is not appetizing.

      July 5, 2022/Reply
  2. Mac says:

    This was something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it! Lunch/snack crumbs and cat hair love to accumulate on my desk. Quite excited to try this out.

    July 12, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I’ve been really happy with ours. Did not think I would feel that way.

      July 12, 2022/Reply