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Meet the Must-Have ‘Monday Dress’

It’s 6:30AM on a Monday morning. The alarm goes off. You it the snooze. You hit it again.  Eventually, you pull yourself together and it’s time to choose something to wear, but everything you pull out fits wrong or feels wrong.  That’s when it’s time for a Monday Dress.

The Monday Dress is the dress that always looks good.  It’s a basic dress with a little something extra.  It fits reliably, is always comfortable, and never disappoints.  And who makes the best Monday Dress in the land?  Karen Kane.

Let’s start with the ultimate Monday Dress: The Cascade Faux Wrap.  Several of you own this dress.  Some of you own it in multiple colors.

If solids aren’t for you, it comes in a dotted print. It also comes in plus-size.  And it is without question the most comfortable, most flattering, most forgiving work dress ever created.

Dressed up.  Dressed down.  At a cocktail party.  On an airplane.  It doesn’t matter.  It makes Mondays better.

This Tie-Front Dress is a more relaxed work dress, but it’s also a great Monday Dress.  Add a long cardigan, a pointed toe flat, and a simple earring, and you’re done.

Similar to the Cascade dress, this Ruched Side dress gives you the same feel, but a sleeker look.  Without the cascading detail in the front, it also fits under a blazer a bit better.

So if your Monday is met with groans and not joy, make sure you at least look your best.  The Monday Dress is always there for you.

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  1. ncblue says:

    I have this dress in black and can confirm it’s great for Mondays. It’s also my time of the month dress because it hides bloating so well. I plan to buy it in navy the next time I see it on sale.

    June 27, 2022/Reply
  2. meghan says:

    Took your advice and just ordered the Ruched Side dress. I am three months postpartum so need some pieces that fit my body as it is now. This is perfect timing as I’m traveling for a work deposition in two weeks. Planning on packing this dress. You mentioned it would fit well under a blazer. Any blazer suggestions? My old ones don’t exactly fit over my bust right now… Hoping to pack the one dress with two blazers (two day deposition) and call it good. Traveling to the State of Washington (first time there) so any other clothing tips for seeing the sights during my non-work hours would be awesome.

    June 28, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      The BR Blazer I’ve been wearing non-stop since pregnancy started doesn’t need to be buttoned to look polished. So for me that’s where I’m at. And if I do button it, it’s a little less fitted.

      It comes in navy and white, also black. Here is the white

      The blazers are pricey at $200+ and rarely discounted, but I have worn mine so much, I am going to buy a second to have it in reserve.

      June 28, 2022/Reply
  3. KL says:

    I bought the Cascade Faux Wrap for a last-minute funeral and it’s definitely the perfect versatile, conservative, uber-comfortable dress. I don’t wear it much day-to-day because my workplace is tech-bro-casual, but I’m glad to have it in my closet.

    June 29, 2022/Reply
  4. Orla says:

    Love this! The Monday Dress needs to be trademarked!

    August 10, 2022/Reply