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Opinion Page: Product Follow-ups, Volume IX

Every now and again, I like to follow-up on some of my recent purchases.  It’s easy to promote something when you first receive it, but does it hold up over a few weeks or months.  Let’s find out.

I promoted this H&M wrap dress earlier in the week as an affordable dress to dress up or down for summer.  It can easily from brunch to a wedding.  I bought this seafoam color in two sizes, and I love it.  I’ve worn it twice in the two weeks since I purchased it.  It’s comfortable, it’s breezy, and it’s $29.  Best of all you can throw it in a wash bag and toss it in the machine.

I shared this What the Foundation! from Bobbi Brown’s new Jones Road Beauty on Instagram.  I wanted to love it, but it wasn’t a good fit for my skin type.  It was a little orange, even when I changed shades.  And it didn’t provide much in the way of coverage.

That being said, if you need a light-medium coverage foundation, give this one a try.  It feels like it might be a nice alternative to tinted moisturizer, but skin needs more than that.

A few weeks back, I had to wear high heels to an event, and I was feeling like a baby giraffe crossing a frozen lake in my stilettos.  Walking in heels really is a learned skill that I think I unlearned during the pandemic.  These Marc Fisher heels that I had in the back of my closet saved my life.  My steps felt stable, but I had the professional look I needed for the event.  I highly recommend for summer weddings and work events.  They also come in wide widths.

Do you ever wake up planning to wear something only to find that it’s still in the wash?  That’s what happened to me with this Ingrid and Isabel Scoopneck Tee last week, and I was thoroughly dejected.

This is the best t-shirt that I have ever owned, ever.  And at $15, I bought a bunch.  I plan to wear them even after this kid is born, because they work for non-maternity too.  (I gifted a black one to a non-pregnant friend and she’s barely taken it off for a week.)

I also just received the short sleeve version and it’s incredible too.  The material is so thick compared to the tees I buy at other retailers.  It’s just the best.

I am very picky about dry shampoo.  First off, my scalp itches if the product builds up or is too drying.  Second, I hate most of the scents that the industry uses.  And third, I’ve developed a real distaste for paying $28 for dry shampoo.

A few months ago, I shared the Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy dry shampoo.  It has a light mango scent, isn’t over-drying, and works brilliantly.  I ran out last week, and made a special trip to Target just for dry shampoo.  That’s how strongly I felt about it.

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  1. K says:

    Yass to those Marc Fisher heels! Love them. For my wide feet perfectly. Question on the dry shampoo- I’ve tried a different one from that brand, with green lettering don’t know the exact name, and found it a little itchy. Have you tried others from this brand or speak to how they compare?

    May 19, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I don’t find the purple one itchy, but your mileage may vary. Maybe buy the trial size at Target.

      May 19, 2022/Reply
    • HJB says:

      There are a couple with a green bottle. The Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo in “Warm Sugar” has been my go to for years. It does not make me itch at all, even with multiple applications (I only wash my hair every 4-5 days). My super picky 15 year old loves it too.

      May 20, 2022/Reply
      • k says:

        great! thank you both. i will give them both a try. i think mine was called clean freak original. i will try both of these, dry shampoo is a staple for me! i love the igk charcoal kind but that is pricey and runs out fast!

        May 24, 2022/Reply
  2. Jo says:

    Hi Abra, do I read you correctly that you are wearing the H&M dress while pregnant? How did you find the sizing to run? Thank you!

    May 19, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I’m in a large. I’m wearing a 6-8 maternity depending on the cut (probably a 6 in this style). I would have bought the XL for later if I had tried it on before hand. This is a bit dependent on how much your bust has grown, mine is up a few sizes, but still considered medium-large (36-38 C). If it were larger, it probably would have a harder time closing.

      May 20, 2022/Reply