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Happy Hour: A Peachy Cocktail

Dry January got you down?  Yeah, me too.  But I’ve made it this far (somewhat miraculously given the current events), so let’s keep it going.

This mocktail from Inspector Gorgeous uses San Pellegrino Clementine & Peach Seltzer as a base, and then kicks it up a notch.  Slice up some peaches (or use a bit of frozen puree), then add some fresh ginger and thyme.  It’s a fizzy, light and the perfect mix of herbal and fruit.

After a week in professional clothes, I want to finish my week with as few waistbands and seams possible.  This Daily Ritual Jersey Long Sleeve Dress is so comfortable.  It’s like a nightgown you can wear outside.   I add a slouchy cardigan and just curl up on the couch.  (This AE balloon sleeve cardigan is fabulous and <$20.)

Modcloth has a wrap dress in plus size that I actually like a whole lot.  So much I’m sad it’s not available in my size.

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  1. PAM says:

    This mock tail looks delicious! I’ve given up alcohol this month so this is even more appealing and pretty!! Thanks for sharing.

    January 15, 2021/Reply