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Happy Hour: A Cool Drink for an Evening Stroll

It’s so hot in Spokane this week.  We went from cold and rainy to unbearably hot.  It’s put a bit of a damper on our daily sanity walks.  If only there was a way to keep cool on our neighborhood travails…

You can order Zip a Pop sleeves on Amazon to fill with boozy or virgin cocktails to enjoy on hot days.  And it’s brilliant.

Spoon Fork Bacon has a pina colada recipe.  Mom Endeavors has tackled the rum and coke.  My Suburban Kitchen has watermelon mint Moscow mules.  And Food Network tackles Sangria.

Looking for a virgin cocktail?  These Cucumber Lemon Lime Ice Pops look good.  These Arnold Palmer ice pops also look great.

Whether you’re hanging out in your backyard, on your roof deck, or just going for a stroll, these are a good choice.  They’re something fun and delicious to brighten your end of week happy hour.

White dresses just drip with the sunshine of summer.  This organza wrap dress from Moon River is certainly perfect for a date-night stroll and a boozy popsicle.  I adore the fullness of the skirt and sleeve.

This white eyelet Target dress is fabulous, and lined (a rarity these days).  This tiered maxi dress from ASOS is perfectly beachy.

Can’t get away with white?  This Bohemian dress in a white and blue print is pretty fabulous.

Plus-size?  This puff-sleeve dress from target is worth a look.  Need a maternity dress?  This tiered ASOS dress in a Broderie fabric is lovely.

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  1. ColleEn says:

    This is brilliant! Ordered one for myself and one for my sister as a pick-me-up since she’s had a rough time lately.

    This creamy margarita recipe is amazing as well.

    June 26, 2020/Reply