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The Find: A Sleek Chambray Dress

The temperature spiked this week, and while I was very grateful for the sunshine, I was not ready for it to be too hot for leggings.  Thank goodness for dresses.  And this dress from Old Navy is on repeat.

I mean, how cute is this dress?  Old Navy’s cap sleeve chambray dress is adorable.  A little sleeve, a sleek shape, and designed for ease and comfort.  Also in petite and tall.

Plus-size ladies can try this similar tie waist chambray dress from ON.  There’s also a similar maternity dress.  So if you’re looking for an easy, throw-on dress, this might be it.

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  1. Becky says:

    Belle – When you wear something like this, and you take the pups out for a walk, how do you stash your keys/phone? Do you take a purse or anything? Dare I ask about ‘fanny packs’? It would seem with all the walking people are doing, that the fashion no-no has another box check for convenience…
    (I’m wearing an old navy t-shirt dress with no pockets as I type this, and will reluctantly take a small purse for my dash to the grocery store.)

    May 29, 2020/Reply
    • Katel says:

      If I’m sans phone I have a house key on a lanyard for walks in the neighborhood. A phone sling might be in my future as well.

      May 29, 2020/Reply
    • Colleen says:

      I have a fanny pack from Lululemon that I wear as a crossbody bag. It’s good for dog walking and running around at parks.

      May 29, 2020/Reply
      • Crystal says:

        Same! I finally succumbed to the across-the-chest version of the belt bag and it is SO convenient for stashing keys, phone, money/cards, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc. when I walk my dog, go to the farmers market, or run other minor errands.

        May 29, 2020/Reply
    • Kelly says:

      I bought a pair of bike shorts with a phone pocket to wear under my pocketless dresses.

      May 29, 2020/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I own this lanyard from Gear Beast when I hike or walk the dogs. To the store, I usually put on something with pockets like a utility jacket, or I grab a crossbody bag.

      May 31, 2020/Reply
      • Becky says:

        Great solutions! Thank you.

        June 3, 2020/Reply
  2. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday, Abra! Thank you for always being my favorite blogger- real talk, heartfelt realities, and great taste. I wish you peace and contentedness. From a woman 10 years older than you, but appreciates your willingness to share your wisdom and your truth.

    May 29, 2020/Reply
  3. pam says:

    I love this dress! I have it in three other colors!

    May 29, 2020/Reply
  4. Priya says:

    Happy Birthday Abra!

    Thank you for the warmth and candor you bring to this blog every day. Your willingness to acknowledge your experience is so helpful to people who struggle with mental health and feel like everyone else in the world is living a completely happy instagram life. I wish you a joyful and healthy year ahead.

    May 30, 2020/Reply