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Happy Hour: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

A few weeks ago, someone asked for a mocktail recommendation.  So today’s cocktail can be made boozy or dry depending on your preference.  Let’s get shakin’!

This is the Honey Roasted Pear Cocktail from Cotter Crunch.  It’s a bit more labor intensive than our usual cocktails because it involves roasting the pears with spices to get that wonderful flavor, but it’s worth it.  I recommend roasting them on parchment paper, or you’ll be scraping mess off your baking sheet for days.  Learn from my mistakes.

To make it a mocktail, mix in sparkling cider instead of champagne.  I recommend a drier cider over a sweeter cider, like RW Knudsen cider, which isn’t as sweet as Martinelli’s.

For a boozy beverage, use a dry champagne or a sparkling white wine.  And if you’re feeling like you want your party to be extra festive an additional shot of Tito’s never hurt anyone.  But keep plenty of water on hand because this drink has a high sugar content, and your guests will need to hydrate.

I also imagine that you could serve this cocktail hot with bourbon, but I haven’t tried it.  But pear and bourbon and honey sounds like a winner to me.

I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes getting dressed up for a party backfires.  Sometimes, you just need to accept that everyone will be in jeans and roll with it.  But I love to get dressed up for a party, it’s half the fun.  So how do you look “casual” while feeling festive?

An off the shoulder sweater, like this one from Iris & Ink, is a good option.  (Plus-size readers should check out this pretty sweater from TJ Maxx.)   You can also go backless.  Or even one shoulder with a cute bow accent (under $40, a steal!).

Wear them with jeans or a ponte-knit skinny pant for a look that isn’t too dressy or too relaxed.  I’d add a big earring and a red lipstick, but that’s just me.

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  1. Orla says:

    I love mock tails- thank you for featuring!

    November 23, 2019/Reply
  2. JSsatx says:

    I just overdressed for a party but Iwas dying to wear a new dress. It looked amazing with heeled boots too and I couldn’t resist. It was just the perk I needed for myself after a grueling couple of weeks and not feeling motivated to go be social. I think you can pull it off by keeping your attitude casual and being gracious and approachable. Sometimes when we dress up- we stiffen- or at least I do. Maybe it’s because more formal wear or shoes are a little uncomfortable. But I just went in breezy and had a great time. I also used a light touch on makeup and didn’t fuss too much over my hair. Had a great time with friends and taking my new treasure out for a spin made the night all the more enjoyable! And I’ll wear jeans to my next event 😉

    November 23, 2019/Reply