Style + Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Independence Day

When I was a kid, the 4th of July was my favorite day of the year.  We’d go to the parade, my Dad would be lots of fireworks, and then, we would head off to our friends’ house to barbecue and play volleyball.  It was the best.  As far as I was concerned, once the 4th was over, summer was over.

One way to avoid playing sports at a backyard barbecue is to wear a dress.  I’ve been doing it for years.  I was not blessed with athletic ability, and thus, I regulate myself to the deck to chat with the older guests by dressing inappropriately for the occasion.

This black-and-white H&M smock dress ($39) is right up my alley.  I also like this white “risky-for-a-barbecue” dress and this simple red tank dress.

As for what to drink…

Meet The Firecracker, a watermelon, cucumber, and lime cocktail that is perfect for summer.  Think of it as the mojito’s more refereshing cousin.

As for serving tips, I recommend making this drink in batches.  I put the cut up cucumbers, lime and watermelon cubes on skewers, so no one has to touch the fruit while making their own drink.  I also like to serve it from dispensers.  It makes life easier.  Pro tip: buy extra jars, so that the other batches are pre-made in the fridge.

Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

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