Five Days/Five Dresses: All Lilac

I’m taking an easy week this week.  The gut punch that was the state of my house has yet to lose its angst.  I have to drive to Montana today to make all the wedding arrangements that should have been made weeks ago.  And I start a new campaign job next week, which I feel too burnt out to take on right now, but as a She Should Run advocate, when a woman asks you to help her run for Mayor, you put your big girl shoes on and do it.

Candle, consider yourself burned at both ends.

I almost never put up pieces that cost more than $200, because I know most of won’t splurge on a single piece.  But this Lewit Dress ($299) is so pretty and flattering; I cannot tell you how many compliments I get.  I bought it as a present for my birthday in a few weeks, and the skirt is just swingy enough and the top just fitted enough.  I had the pockets cutout because #saddlebags, but I know many of you will love that feature.

The dress is so versatile.  I’m wearing it to a wedding that Kyle is in in June.  I’m wearing it to work under my white blazer.  I’m wearing it to brunch with flat sandals.

Love the color, but not into the price?  This NY & Co. dress and this split sleeve dress from TJ Maxx (sleeves!) are both lovely.  For something for summer weddings, this Donna Morgan dress will be so fun to dance in.  (It’s $39 at the Rack in limited sizes; $41 to $118 on Amazon in a number of colors and sizes.)

Plus-size?  I found this super cute a-line dress at Modcloth in the same color.

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  1. Cait says:

    Very pretty! How is the length?

    May 2, 2019/Reply
  2. Yael @ Nosherium says:

    Super cute dress! Hope the new gig works out well and that wedding prep goes smoothly.

    Re: home renovation. I’m in the finishing stages of my own renovation, and it is a rough process. I beat myself up for not having foreseen the contractor’s incompetence and flakiness, but really, I couldn’t have known. In any other industry that kind of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. I wish you strength and fortitude, just get through it.

    May 2, 2019/Reply
  3. wellfedfred says:

    I have moved around a lot and survived eight or nine renovations. Each left me a little more broken and a little more willing to live with WRONG, MISPLACED, STUPID, UGLY just to get those vandals out of my life.
    — the toilet that was supposed to be installed on the wall that contained the waste pipe. Came home, toilet was in middle of bathroom, connected to waste pipe BY TRANSPARENT PLASTIC HOSE. Plumber didn’t have correct tool on truck to open wall enough to make direct connection. It was fixed.
    — tile man misread numbers on schematic for stall shower, so instead of floor very gradually sloping toward center drain, water accumulated and was directed up and out. It was fixed.
    — all light switches and outlet covers were supposed to be white.There are no 2 the same color. Anywhere.Because that’s what was on the truck. My solution: I bought the d*n covers, etc, at Home Depot myself, and every December an optimistic building employee changes a few.
    — and the time all work stopped because it turned out the architect was not in fact an architect, and the “friend” whose seal he “borrowed” to get our plans filed with the city Bldg Dept, found out.

    So when my sister asked me to see if I could get her contractor to move a little faster, I took the man outside and said something along the lines of “um, this is a little awkward, the government has let us know that our cousin is being released. The family will be using my sister’s home for a private welcome home. You have to be finished and cleaned up and out of here before (date). If not, I personally will tell the men he commanded why the place is such a mess, and if there are any reporters around I will tell them too.”

    So, I’m sure as an experienced (although ethical) political operative, you’ll be able to deal with these clucks. Um, the cousin is of course fictional. Allegedly.

    May 3, 2019/Reply