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Ask the Edit: Skintone Flats and Heels

If you like to wear bright colors, pastels, or pale neutrals, then you need a flesh-toned pair of shoes.  So let’s talk about neutral flats and low heels.


Love your blog and the advice you dish out. I am a fellow attorney who is in need of some comfortable, stylish, hip, neutral shoes. I prefer flats or low heels (nothing higher than 2 or 2.5 inches). I would like it to match everything (thinking a pale pink or light beige).

I prefer an almond or pointy toe just to add a bit of sophistication. I’m having a hard time finding the right shoe. I’ve looked at the Everlane lady day heel, but it seems a bit round In the toe box. Any finds appreciated!!

Thank you, Kathryn

Before I start this post, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: skin tone and “nude” shoes.  Especially if you’re a woman of color, or even just a darker shade of pale, it is incredibly hard to find “nude” pieces in the shade that’s nude to you.

There are a few brands that create flesh-toned shoes in several hues; Kahmune (commune) makes 10 shades, and Christian Louboutin makes a few as well.  Another option is Shoes of Prey, which offers a few more tones of beige and brown, but not a specific “nude” line.

Now, let’s answer your question, and find some beige flats and low heels for work.

These Marc Fisher Sunny flats are pretty great.  The tapered, modern shape makes them chic, the padded footbed makes them comfortable.  They also come in black, a bright orange, and gold.

Under-$100, these Caslon almond-toe flats are also really comfortable and these Sam Edelman’s have a great shape.  For something unique, I like these Bill Blass bow-ed mules and these laser-cut Corso Como flats.

Need a wide or narrow shoe?  Try this flat from Trotters.

These Michael Kors Flex pumps are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  They are the most comfortable heel I have ever owned.  In addition to this kitten heel height, they also come in a taller version.  They also come in a variety of metallics and black.

These Sam Edelman kitten heels also caught my eye.  Prefer a block heel?  Try these Via Spiga pumps from Nordstrom Rack.

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  1. Jean says:

    Ann Taylor has a very comfortable 2.5 inch heel pointy-toed pump. If you wait a few weeks, there will generally be a 50% off sale that brings them down to ~$65

    July 3, 2018/Reply
  2. cait says:

    I’m a big fan of the Michael Kors flex as well! I highly recommend trying the wide fit and possibly adjusting your size. I went to my local Nordstroms where they had a bunch in stock and tried on a few combos of sizes/widths. Made all the difference in the world.

    July 3, 2018/Reply
  3. jules says:

    I’ve also found that, instead of trying to go for a ‘nude’ color, I wear an off-white/beige-y color. They are still perfectly neutral, go with almost every outfit, and don’t look ‘off nude’ against my own skin tone.
    So I guess what I’m saying is I’m purposefully non-nude to accomplish the same goal as nude….

    July 3, 2018/Reply
  4. subtlensublime says:

    Cole Haan 75mm Juliana pumps with their grand OS technology. They used to have 2 shades of nude pumps. Its a very chic pointy toe pump that goes well with a business formal/casual outfit. I have been buying the Maple Sugar shade for the last 3 years. Would highly recommend it.

    July 4, 2018/Reply
  5. Sam says:

    I bought these Franco Sarto flats at Nordstrom Rack and they are very comfortable:

    July 5, 2018/Reply
  6. C says:

    Hi Belle
    Catching up on your posts and always enjoy your content! When I saw the skin tone flat and heels title, I almost didn’t read the post. Most often ‘skin tone’ discussions end at tan.. Just wanted to say thanks for including options for darker skin tones.

    July 5, 2018/Reply