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The Daily Eight: July 29, 2016


Less than a century ago, women organized, marched, and died for suffrage.  They fought so that you and I could stand up and be counted.  Whether you intend to vote for Hillary or not, it took almost three lifetimes to get from Seneca Falls to the convention stage.  And we’re just getting started.


1) In 1995, a t-shirt bearing the phrase “Someday a Woman Will Be President” was pulled from store shelves because it was offensive to some customers. (Marie Claire)

2) This layered blouse in cherry red from WHBM is a stunner.  Also, their “convertible” white dress is definitely worth a look.

3) Why we need to stop group ‘brainstorming’ at the office and focus on solo creativity. (Fast Company)

4) We all know how I feel about the Ugg corporation, but this long, chunky cardigan is amazing.

5) Eight women speak honestly about their post-baby bodies. (The Cut)

6) Fall Fashion Preview: This Whistles striped turtleneck is something I would wear every week.  Also, this Warehouse olive dress with a better belt.

7) Billionaire entrepreneurs suggest spending five hours per week engaging in deliberate learning. (Inc.)

8) I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this BaubleBar Andra choker is totally hot.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to the much-ignored women’s suffrage movement in America. The women of the National Women’s Party handmade those banners and stood out in the elements every day, despite the derision and insults thrown at them day in and day out. In the winter it was so bitterly cold that other NWP members would bring hot bricks for them to stand on, just to stay warm. And every day the President entered or exited, he had to see the Silent Sentinels there asking how much longer they had to wait for liberty. Many were later imprisoned at the Occuquan Workhouse in DC, and engaged in a protracted hunger strike in protest of their imprisonment and to draw attention to the cause. Contrary to what I was taught in school textbooks, Woodrow Wilson was no initial champion of women’s rights — he evolved to that point thanks to the organizing efforts of various women’s groups like NAWSA and the NWP. Also, the state that made the resulting 19th Amendment law–Tennessee–ratified it by just one vote (purportedly due to pressure from the young legislator’s elderly mother). Several states initially rejected it and did not ratify the 19th Amendment until years (sometimes *many* years) later.

    Off my soapbox of women’s history, now, but thank you.

    Ladies, don’t let all this work be for nothing. VOTE!

    July 29, 2016/Reply
    • s says:

      ugh, i hate the thought of actually voting in this election so much. but you’re right…

      July 31, 2016/Reply
  2. Denise says:

    I’d be interested to see the same post baby body study done on these women in about 3-4 years. My youngest is 16 months and only 2 weeks ago did my thyroid actually return to normal function. My hair is mostly grown back (I lost nearly all of it postpartum). I am starting to feel a little more normal again, especially since he is sleeping. I just think that it takes quite a bit of time to recover from childbirth, especially as you get into your late 30’s or early 40’s, and when you have young children it is so not a priority. Since I feel good now, I feel better about my body. I’m actually shocked that someone would undergo a tummy tuck when her twins were less than 2 years old! Wow!

    July 29, 2016/Reply
    • Heather says:

      For any mamas interested in some body positivity inspiration, check out the 4th Trimester Body Project. It’s beautiful photography of real women who have had children, or been pregnant, sharing their stories – some happy and some sad. Highly recommend it!

      August 1, 2016/Reply
  3. Sarah says:

    Holla Hillary!!!!! I am SO with her.

    July 30, 2016/Reply
  4. s says:

    also, whoa, that cherry red blouse from WHBM? AMAZING.

    July 31, 2016/Reply
  5. Nonymouse says:

    I’m curious. What are your thoughts on the Ugg corporation? (Searching your site for “ugg” brings up results with the letters included in words like “suggestion.”)

    August 1, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I hate that Uggs are being worn out of the house. They’re slippers. It makes me nuts when I see women in suits and dresses (or even casual wear) cruising down the street in stained, grimy Uggs. And most women always have the same defense, I’m cold AND they cost more than my regular shoes. To which my response is, buy a wool sock and rethink your priorities.

      August 1, 2016/Reply
      • Nonymouse says:


        August 2, 2016/Reply
  6. Pb says:

    Are you a fan of the Donald?

    August 1, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:


      August 2, 2016/Reply