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The Daily Eight: July 28, 2016



1) Is it time for us to start telling our friends how much money we earn? (The Muse)

2) H&M’s white, textured weave jacket and green and white pattern jacket will breathe new life into your summer work separates.

3) Confessor, feminist, adult: What happened to shock jock Howard Stern? (The New York Times)

4) Have you seen the MAC Instacurl mascara with a brush that actually bends when you twist it? Cool.

5) Instead of work-life balance, focus on setting boundaries. (Lifehacker)

6) This Everygirl article has me lusting over these Ted Baker white, wide-leg trousers or this more affordable Michael Kors pair.

7) Why are weddings so expensive? This video takes a rational look at why costs are so high. (Racked)

8) This drapey, open vest from The Limited in pale blush is totally killing it.  A fantastic layering and transition piece.

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  1. Rachel C says:

    Thanks for the article on Howard Stern. My husband is a long term Stern fan so we always listen to him on road trips. (He drives so he gets to listen to what he wants.) When I first started listening, I HATED it; however, I quickly discovered that under the immature, sex centered jokes, Howard is actually an intelligent man and excellent interviewer. I never listen to a show without learning something new or it sparking an interesting discussion with my husband.

    July 28, 2016/Reply
    • Niki says:

      Howard’s interviews are stellar. He is the only thing I listen to in the car. Plus, he and his wife are huge animal advocates and always have tons of foster kittens in the house. I also believe that Howard is a vegetarian, which I love (I am one too, leaning towards vegan).

      July 29, 2016/Reply
  2. Jenn S. says:

    On 7 – a lot of people are quick to dismiss the level of involvement a bridal customer wants to have with their vendor(s). The video nailed it – there may be more flexibility for something like a corporate event that needs centerpieces vs a bride who wants something specific. The corporate client might just say, “We want a lot of red in those centerpieces, and we want them to be voluminous,” whereas the bride might specify wanting no less than seven red, Grand Prix roses per centerpiece.

    The bridal client is going to want to have the liberty to ring up their vendors a dozen times with questions and have their concerns assuaged. There is *so much* ridiculous societal pressure to have a ‘perfect’ wedding that brides feel compelled to orchestrate the entire thing down to the detail of the greenery in the centerpieces (which, let’s be real, no one will really remember). That leads them to being more likely to be stressed, which makes them needier and harder to deal with…hence the higher price.

    My advice? DIY when you can. Don’t do it at the expense of your sanity, of course – but if you can print your own invitations? Do it. If you can manage assembling your centerpieces? Do it!

    July 29, 2016/Reply