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Belle’s Workday Reading: February 18, 2015



1) Justine Sacco wrote a tweet that brought on the full fury of the Interwebs and tore her life apart.  One year later, she tells the Gawker reporter whose retweet started it all that she has one simple hope: “Someday you’ll Google me and my LinkedIn will be the first thing that pops up.”

2) So you need a work tote for a big interview, but you can’t afford what you really want, what do you do?  You can purchase this sleek Aldo bag for under-$50.  Or you can rent an appropriate bag from Kate Spade for an extra boost of confidence.

3) Esquire shares some excellent (short) tips for interviewees.  I also liked these Top 5 Tips for Experienced Employees seeking new employment.

4) Caroline Issa, street style icon, designed a collection exclusively for Nordstrom.  This printed cashmere cardigan is sublime, and I love the clean lines on this black cocoon dress.  To quote Ferris Bueller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

5) The Vault Files shares the essentials she keeps in her handbag.  I always have several pouches full of indispensable items like Purell, Advil, etc.  And I never go anywhere without a backup iPhone battery.

6) For an interview, you should always bring extra copies of your writing sample, resume, etc. But how do you transport them undamaged?  In a chic padfolio.  Also, don’t forget business cards kept in a sleek, inexpensive card wallet or metal case.

7) Starting a new job?  More has tips on how to succeed in your first 90 days.  Forbes also covers how to develop a game plan for success and discusses the STUDY method for achieving your goals.

8) New spring styles from The Limited’s Olivia Pope-inspired collection.  The jackets are really where it’s at.  This trench cape is gorgeous.  This tweed jacket in tan or blush will jazz up a pair of boring trousers.  And don’t miss fabulously mod swing coat.

9) Fast Company has an interesting piece on how to handle emotional situations while at work.  Or you can just follow Kelly Cutrone’s advice, “If you have to cry, go outside.”

10) Looking for a black business suit?  WHBM has a sculpted “seasonless” blazer that caught my eye.  I also like this classic pant suit from Gianni Bini.

11) If you’re planning to switch career tracks, the co-founder of LinkedIn has some good advice for making the jump.

12) Need nylons for your interview? I love the Donna Karan Nudes sheer collection.  If you’re looking for shapewear, I find a shaping slip to be more comfortable than the shorts.  And if you’re worried about VPL, the Hanky Panky Bare thong or boyshort guarantees no visible lines.

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  1. Mary says:

    The pieces about Justine Sacco were very interesting. I have recently been paying attention to when I notice that the people around me start piling on criticisms and how quickly it can get out of hand. It happens more easily over the internet, and the shorter the replies the more likely it is to happen. But it happens in everyday social situations, too. Mob mentality at it’s finest.

    February 18, 2015/Reply
    • Kate says:

      I thought this was a pretty interesting piece, too. I was completely unaware of it when it happened, though, which makes me happy to realize now because it means the people trying to publicly shame her didn’t reach everyone. I wish people weren’t so blood thirsty for human error. I don’t know what to think about our standards for acceptable behavior these days. We are all supposed to be witty, engaging, dinner-party-perfect at all times but never sardonic, lest we appear a note below sublimely happy. The whole online personality/perfect human being shtick is getting rather Stepford, in my opinion. Chill, people!

      February 18, 2015/Reply
  2. Jenn S. says:

    The Issa pieces are lovely, but so hilariously out of my price range that I stopped looking at them.

    February 18, 2015/Reply
  3. Bunny says:

    I so agree with the slimming slip vs. slimming shorts! I did have trouble finding one that wasn’t far below my knees on my petite frame, but the one that I found is wonderful and goes all the way up to the bust and stays put! The shorts that I’ve had have been horribly uncomfortable.

    February 18, 2015/Reply
  4. KC says:

    I tried to wear a slimming slip at my wedding, but found that when I walked, it would work its way up and end up bunched around my waist.

    February 18, 2015/Reply
    • Whitney says:

      I had the same problem! (admittedly while wearing tights, so maybe that was the cause?) Is there a trick I’m missing?

      February 18, 2015/Reply
    • Monica says:

      OH man, me too. And there are some photos where it’s lumpy presence is painfully obvious. A little awkward to straighten it out when you are surrounding by people for hours!

      February 18, 2015/Reply
  5. Issa lover says:

    Man, I really like some of the Issa prints, but the cuts all seem a little bit “off” to me. For example, I really like the navy a-line skirt with the geometric pattern, but I think it would be comically long on me at 5’4″, and I think it would destroy the line of the skirt to alter it. Hrmpf.

    February 18, 2015/Reply
  6. Caitlin says:

    On the job interviewing pieces–I’m noticing that a cover letter is rarely mentioned anymore. I’ve also been interviewing candidates for an opening at my place of employment, and only a select few have even bothered to print out their resume. No one has come in with a cover letter. Are cover letters a thing of the past?

    February 19, 2015/Reply
    • LS says:

      I’m curious about this point as well. Like any diligent job seeker, I spent hours crafting my cover letter for a recent application. When the recruiter called me, I had to rehash everything on there. I understand he was also checking my communication skills etc, but he seemed like he didn’t read it at all. I haven’t job searched in years, so I wondering if I am out of touch. I thought cover letters were very important for distinguishing basic candidates from exceptional ones.

      February 19, 2015/Reply
    • MRitz says:

      In law school I was taught cover letters are key and nine years out, I’ve still found that to be the case. Both my current company and places I’ve looked are a little old school though, so maybe it’s just about knowing your audience.

      February 19, 2015/Reply
  7. MRitz says:

    Stationary for interview thank you notes. I know there are positions on both sides of writing or not writing thank you notes, but I write them. My husband is adamant that a note that says Thank You does not look professional enough. Any suggestions for where to get some nice, simple, monogrammed stationary for professional notes?

    February 19, 2015/Reply
    • b says:

      I think as long as the card is simple (i.e., not covered in flowers, birds or other graphics) and the font basic, a card that says thank you is fine. I’ve always appreciated receiving thank you notes from potential employees and would never hold it against someone that sent me a card that said thank you over a card that had their initials on it. FWIW, I’ve worked in both corporate and casual environments over the years and honestly never even noticed if someone used their monogram or a note that says thank you.

      I’ve found that Crane and Co. makes very nice simple stationary (both monogrammed and thank you).

      February 19, 2015/Reply