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Belle’s Weekly Reading: December 23, 2014


The last year is a complete blur.  Savoring my last few weeks in D.C., moving cross-country, surviving my first year of law school (2L, yay!), and suddenly, the holidays again.  Thanks for sticking with CHS through a whirlwind 2014.  Have a safe and happy holiday! xo, Belle


1) This is the season of eating, but all the cooking and baking takes its toll.  LearnVest has a post about 11 deceptively easy recipes that are easy on your wallet.  Fitness has some healthy holiday recipes.  And WebMD has a list of tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

2) This week’s under-$50 bag comes from Aldo.  The tote has a chic, girl-about-town style that I really adore.  However, if you want something pricier to ogle: Meet Sophie Hulme.

3) Jezebel has a profile of the Austria Empress Elizabeth (aka Sisi).  If you think being a royal looks glamorous, here life was…not.  Of course, the fashion world has glossed over her sobering, unhappy life to make her a style icon.  Because it’s what’s on the outside that matters.

4) Need a stylish key-chain that doesn’t cost $300? This West Elm bauble is a great option.  Also, this braided leather keychain from Mango and this Madewell tassel are both under-$20.

5) SNL created a Christmas parody of the podcast Serial, and it is hilarious.

6) I spotted these long, delicate chain necklaces from Alainn this week, and I am obsessed.  They’re just so dainty.

7) How to Become the Most Compelling Person You Know.  I don’t know, it sounds like a lot of work.

8) Cute shoes that don’t break the bank are hard to find.  I love these Enzo Angiolini boots in your choice of three colors for $99.  These Sole Society pumps are a favorite for work at just $59.  And in the under-$125 category, these gorgeous Louise et Cie pumps in your choice of five colors.

9) The 2014 Word of the Year is “vape.” (The rest of the shortlist was equally meh.)  Also, 2014’s top Google searches are also a real downer.

10) Yeah, I’m going to need these shell pink 3.1 Phillip Lim flats.

11) How can a sweater cost $39 on Tuesday and $44 on Wednesday and $59 on the following Monday?  Fast Company has an interesting piece on the strategy between fluctuating online sales at retailers like J.Crew.

12) Are you intrigued by the idea of a crop top, but not sure if you can pull it off?  This $29 dress from Forever21 has a sheer panel under the layered bodice for just a hint of skin.  Also, this $13 t-shirt dress is great for the weekends; just add tights.

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  1. DCQ says:

    The JCrew thing actually really pisses me off –it’s something I noticed a few weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for a good sale to buy a new coat (the lady day coat) which is usually ~$350. JCrew had a 30% off sale but suddenly the coat was $438… i.e. no sale at all. *Angry Fist*

    December 23, 2014/Reply
  2. s says:

    it’s been quite a year for me as well…but one thing that has not changed is that i still love your blog 🙂 happy holidays, belle!

    December 23, 2014/Reply
  3. Jennifer D says:

    Greetings Belle – I always chuckle at the websites touting “healthy” holiday recipes and strategies to keep your weight down during the holidays. There is a professional chef and a caterer on my brother-in-law’s side of the family (and other family members are no slouches in the cooking department either). Therefore, EVERY holiday meal is all about the food. And the more butter and oil, and well, just MORE, the better. I tried not to eat all of the SIX desserts at Thanksgiving, but I am defenseless in the face of my sister’s Pinterest-worthy chocolate cake. I just have to close my eyes, enjoy the roast beast (love me some Grinch Who Stole Christmas), and hit the gym as much as I can. Sigh. BTW, I love the blog. It has been a source of endless information and entertainment this year. Happy, happy holidays to you and your family, and continued success in law school in 2015! Cheers – Jennifer

    December 23, 2014/Reply
  4. ~M says:

    I’ve noticed a change in the blog that I think was for the worse; I thought it was just an issue with my internet because I’m in a different country and mine never works well, but now that I’m in the US for Christmas and have updated my browsers, I’m convinced it’s with the site itself. I really appreciated that your links used to open in a separate tab, but they don’t anymore. Was that a stylistic change or an error with your host? If you could switch it back, it would be much more appealing and I’m sure I’m not the only ready who would appreciate it.


    December 24, 2014/Reply
    • LK says:

      you can always “right click” and choose “open in new tab”

      December 24, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      We fix it, and it’s broken the next day. I have someone working on a long term fix, but since he is quite busy with paying clients, I have to wait my turn. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

      December 26, 2014/Reply
  5. E M says:

    I tried on the F21 sheer paneled dress. A warning–the opaque part of the top can flap completely up, exposing your sheer-paneled chest. Its hard to explain what I mean, but unless you wear a cami underneath, it would be very easy to have your bra exposed.

    December 24, 2014/Reply
  6. giggling gourmand says:

    That is more than I should spend on pink patent shoes but they look so similar to a Miu Miu pair I still regret not buying a couple years ago. So I had no choice!

    December 24, 2014/Reply
  7. Lindsey says:

    This never happens, but Forever 21 made nearly the same crop top/mesh dress in plus sizes,

    December 26, 2014/Reply
  8. Giggling Gourmand says:

    I bought the Phillip Lim. Sadly not flattering and headed back. For a shoe that should look sleek it’s just sort of clunky. So sad because they looked perfect online.

    January 2, 2015/Reply