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Happy Hour: The Apples of Autumn

I feel a little bit like a fraud writing today’s Happy Hour post because the only libation I’ve drunk recently is the Real Sangria with the screwtop bottle.  If you want to feel fancy you can pronounce it Ray-all Sangria with a faux-Spanish accent, but it’s still $4 wine from the grocery store.  It also happens to be delicious.

But no, today’s post is not about Sangria ala Safeway, it’s about a fall cocktail utilizing the apple cider that is so prevalent this time of year.

This cider rum punch featured on Verses From the Kitchen is made with dark rum, apple cider, thyme simple syrup and a dash of bitters.  It was recommended to me by a neighbor who served it at her engagement party.  She described it as “fruity and zingy.”

Rag & Bone Leonard Pleated Crepe Dress ($415)

Ah, winter white–one of my favorite cold weather colors.  This dress from Rag & Bone has a great, structured shape and a feminine silhouette.  I also love this Milly dress with a flounce skirt and long sleeves.

If you love the color but not the price, your first option is to rent this gorgeous lace dress for your next fete.  I also like this cable knit sweaterdress from Victoria’s Secret and this boatneck dress could do double duty for work or play.

As for shoes, I like black tights and black shoes or chocolate brown tights and chocolate brown shoes.



  1. gingerr says:

    I'd steer clear of Sangria while wearing the dress. One bump or slosh and you'll be in the Ladies room trying to fix it up.

    October 27, 2012/Reply
  2. SL says:

    Belle, could you post some examples of cute chocolate brown shoes? The only tights I have are black and thus I am limited to the black tight/black boot or heel song and dance. I would really like to branch out to brown at least. Thanks!

    October 29, 2012/Reply