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Beauty Tips for Recovering from a Business Trip

Being on the road for work can wreak havoc on your mental state, your diet, your sleep schedule and your personal maintenance.  When I come home from a trip, I need to spend an evening putting myself back together.  So I grab a glass of champagne, a ZeroWater pitcher full of H20 and settle in for some self-help.

Ojon Restorative Treatment ($33) // Glam Glow Face Scrub ($69) and 24k Collagen Mask ($30 for 5) // Bliss Softening Socks ($48) and Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion ($16) // Anatomicals Eye Mask ($6) and Preparation H Cream ($12)

Hydrate.  I don’t know about you, but I never drink enough water when I travel.  So recovering from a long trip starts with rehydrating your system.  I love my ZeroWater pitcher, and after I drink several wine glasses full of pure water, I get started on the rest of the rehab.

Hair Repair.  Ojon Restorative Treatment is messy, smells awful and smoothes and restores dry damaged locks.  Just warm the oil in your hand, comb it through your hair, put on a cheap plastic shower cap and let your hair heal itself for half an hour.  Then, jump in the shower and wash and condition as usual.  

Scrub and Renew.  I travel with a Clarisonic Mia, but between flying, being dehydrated and having to pair my skincare down to the essentials (damn you TSA and your prohibition of liquids and gels!), my skin can get a little dry and sallow.  GlamGlow scrub cleans and purifies the skin, it looks a little odd with bits of Gingko leaves in it, but it works better than any scrub I’ve ever used.  After I scrub, I use on these gold and collagen masks to drench my skin in hydrating collagen.  

Pamper Your Feet.  By the time I complete a work trip, my feet are beat.  To heal my cracked heels and soothe my tired feet, I use this peppermint foot lotion and sleep in a pair of Bliss’s softening socks.  By the next morning, my feet are as good as new.

Revital-Eyes.  If you suffer from under-eye bags, all you need to deflate them and calm your eyes is a tube of Preparation-H and a chilled eye mask.  Hemorrhoid cream is an old pageant trick for shrinking the bags caused by too little sleep, too little water and too much stress.



  1. SS says:

    How long do you leave the Prep H on your skin around your eyes? LOVE Glamglow, you should also check out the PMD. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    November 30, -0001/Reply
  2. Krista says:

    I second you on Glamglow. I rotate between it and June Jacobs Papaya Enzyme. I love them both!

    August 29, 2012/Reply
  3. Carlene RD says:

    Women totally underestimate the power of water for good skin. After a long weekend of drinks and coffee, both dehydrators, the body is definitely in need of fluids.

    August 29, 2012/Reply
  4. Dom says:

    This was excellent timing. I just got back from a 2 week, 3 city business trip hosting workshops. I've been back a few days and still don't feel like myself. I'll definitely be trying some of these.

    August 29, 2012/Reply
  5. JD says:

    What's the advantage of using the Bliss socks over regular socks (or rather, do you find they make a marked difference)?

    August 29, 2012/Reply
  6. Curvy CEO says:

    After two weeks of business travel, I so need this….thanks!

    September 10, 2012/Reply