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The $14 Under-Eye Concealer I Cannot Live Without

Even as a child, I had under-eye circles.  What six year old has dark circles?  Well, I did.  Now, as an adult, a lack of sleep, dehydration, and some mild allergies has made them even worse.  I’ve tried every miracle cream on the market to little result, but one $14 concealer is helping me cover them up.

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Five Fabulous Makeup Dupes

Since last week’s post about skincare dupes was so well received, I thought I would follow it up with my favorite makeup dupes.  Because finding a fantastic product can be a blessing and a curse if you can’t afford to keep it in stock.  Here are five fabulous dupes for some of my favorite makeup products. Mascara.   Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill is the most phenomenal mascara.  It volumizes …

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