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Ask Belle: Cat Eyes


I saw that cat-eye eye-liner was HUGE on the runway this Fall.  Can you give us some tips on how to wear this look and where to wear it?


If you need tips on how to create a makeup look, the most consistently helpful option is YouTube.  The online video site has hundreds of tutorials prepared by professionals and skilled amateurs.  I’ve learned how to braid, how to trim my bangs and hot to apply a smoky eye from the site.  It’s like having a really great big sister.

My favorite cat-eye tutorial can be found here.  You may need to watch it more than once before you get it, but I found it to be very helpful. 

While a defined cat eye is best for evening, you can wear more dramatic eye-liner during the day if you follow two simple rules:

1) No black.  Purple, smoky grey, navy and emerald only.  Black is too severe for day.

2) If you choose to wear the cat eye (or even just flirty 50s-inspired eyeliner) during the day, then you need to keep the rest of the makeup look simple.  Wear only light peach or pink blush, a pale or nude lip and a simple gold or neutral eye-shadow. 

You can wear dramatic makeup in the daytime if you choose well-adjusted grown woman drama and not 14-year-old on a Spanish telenovela drama.  It’s all a matter of degrees.