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Happy Hour: A Drink and a Snack

This week, my friend Sarah came to visit.  It was wonderful to see her, since the last time we were together was at my wedding…four years ago.  So it had been a minute.  But in true friend fashion, we picked up right where we left off.

We went to the plant store so she could help me pick a plant for Sloane’s room, since she is a plant lady.  We walked around my neighborhood.  She gave me advice on this blog’s redesign.  And we went out to one of my favorite restaurants for a drink and a snack. Since I’m on the semi-sober train, it was just one, so it needed to be a good one.

I am not particular about my choice of Vodka, but since trying the Elyx Vodka Martini from Absolut, I’ve definitely picked a favorite spirit.  This vodka has an impossibly smooth, almost silky mouth feel.  Once you’ve had this martini, you will forever compare all other martinis to it.

The recipe is fairly simple: vodka, ice, lemon twist, and a dash of Lillet Blanc.  The restaurant we went to also serves the drink in vintage cut crystal martini glasses, because why not?

Also, this martini comes with a delicious snack.  And I am now a firm believer that all drinks should come with a snack.  The snack in this case being a tower of duck fat dauphinoise potatoes with a small dollop of creme fraiche and a small amount of caviar.  They stack the potatoes about five inches high, so it is a delightful little extra.

Because it was a Tuesday, I needed a more casual outfit.  I paired a cool pair of jeans with this eyelet top from Ann Taylor.  The look is summery, relaxed and suitable for a day when the weather just isn’t trying its best.  Add a drapey trench and a pair of waterproof boots for rainy days.

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