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Gift Guide: Kyle Fixes Men’s Gift Guides

Back by overwhelming demand — or at least Abra told me there was demand in order to get me to write this — welcome to Kyle’s Gift Guide 2023. (Yeah, I really had to twist his arm. *eyeroll*) I’ve spent a few days reviewing the other gift guides and it appears many influencers still don’t understand what men want or they just don’t care and use these gift guides to just shill product for sponsors.

Men want unique(ish) gifts and it’s a quality over quantity situation, so that’s what we will be focusing on this year. I’m not here to fill your whole list but to get you the “good gift” that gets open last, but talked about all day.  We all know this gift, it’s the one you make sure is the last one unwrapped because you need that dramatic build-up. Think the Super NES when you were 12.   So here we go…


Alright it’s been a few years since life was normal.  A few years since men needed to wear suits.  After all, weddings have been on hold and work conferences have been few and far between. However, these events have restarted and men need to be prepared.

I was just at a large conference and I can tell you that there were a few folks who shoved themselves into a pre-Covid suit and it looked…well, forced on all accounts.

This suit from Ted Baker, and it checks all the boxes. Plum is unique since most guys are still only comfortable in blue. The suit is versatile; the jacket pairs well with jeans for West Coast formal. The suit is also a good value; most quality suits are well over $1k. The suit also fits true to size and tailors well.

Need clothing that isn’t a suit?  These AG Tells pants are the definition of versatile — office, out, or golf course — they work for all of it. The pants also come in a bunch of colors.

For shoes, these Tecovas Slips were top of my gift list for footwear. They can be casual or office ready.  Any man could own them and find a use for them. They are also well made and will last.  I also bought myself fresh Nikes to put under the tree.

The Wayfarers are a great daily driver, but a nice pair of glasses is like a nice watch, it just elevates a man’s whole look. Whether you’re in a suit by the pool or driving home from Christmas these Tom Fords are simple and classy. They are worth the splurge and will last a decade and can withstand the change in styles.

Or if your BF was really into the new Top Gun, hit up these Tom Ford Liams.  You can even complete the look with the cool, nylon bomber jacket. (Looking for designer sunglasses for less? It’s always the Rack.)

Men keep wallets longer than they keep socks…it’s likely time for an update. We’re also carrying fewer cards and less cash thanks to e-pay options. So it’s time to get with the times and slim the billfold.  Tumi makes great products and this card holder is awesome.

Cooking Gifts

Buy this Jacobsen Salt and set it on subscribe.  This has become my new seasoning of choice for quality steaks.  Pair with a quality red and impress your in-laws. Also great on a sunny side up egg.  I still recommend the Spiceology spice blends, and this Harissa with Preserved Lemons mixes with yogurt to make the best pita and veggie dip ever.

Other gifts for the cook?  Abra bought me an Ooni pizza oven last year.  I use it constantly.  You can make anything in it.  Also, you can fall into a rabbit hole of videos on different techniques and types of pizza.

For inexpensive items, this fish spatula changed my life.  We never eat fish, but it is the best tool for flipping anything.  And I talked about my Breville Touch Espresso machine last year — 15-months and I haven’t had to buy a coffee because what I make at home is better.

Nostalgia, Family Fun and Miscellaneous

My family will be here this weekend and I’m looking forward to assembling this amazing Mario-themed throwback to my childhood. The 80s/90s kid in your life will love it and it has what most adult gifts are missing, that play-with-it-on-Christmas-morning factor.  Other Lego sets worth buying — we own the Home Alone house (he puts it up every year for Christmas, and will when we’re 75) and I think I’d like The Office set for next Christmas.

If you grew up in or married into a game family, you know changing up the game of choice can be fun and a great way to level the playing field.  Everyone has that relative who is just too good at Hearts or Euchre. (Kyle is that relative.)  Games also make for good socking stuffers.

Try Nertz IYKYK, and if you don’t, Nertz is a game that can be played as pairs or solo.  It’s also a race and a damn good time.  Get Monopoly Deal for all the great things about the original and less board throwing.  We also love Pegs & Jokers, but we can’t play it anymore because one of our good friends accused Abra of cheating last year when she miscounted a move, and she’ll never forgive him.  (I was so mad, I didn’t talk for a full day.)

So that’s it for this year.  Need oldie but goodie recommendations?  Pro-Vs in the stocking for the golfer or the computer mouse that just looks cool and works great.  Also, if you need stocking stuffers, grab a pack of these light-blocking stickers to keep your electronics for brightening up bedrooms.

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  1. Whitney says:

    Yesss! Love this every year. Thanks, Kyle!

    December 15, 2022/Reply
  2. Emily says:

    Love the Tecovas, and I am considering ordering them for my partner to replace his old square toed slip ons. Thoughts on wearing them with socks?

    December 15, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Kyle says he probably won’t be wearing them with socks, but he thinks you could.

      December 18, 2022/Reply
  3. Nancy says:

    Great list, Kyle, thank you!

    December 16, 2022/Reply
  4. Monica t says:

    Look forward to this list every year, thanks Kyle!

    December 17, 2022/Reply
  5. Amy Kuegler says:

    Great list Kyle, thank you!

    December 21, 2022/Reply