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Ask the Editor: Vol. III, No. 17

This week, we discuss what to wear to a baseball game with co-workers, jewelry questions, and more.  Because if one reader has a question, it can usually help other readers too.

From the Facebook Community:

I could use some clothing advice. I started a new job about a month ago – new field and new role. I’m traveling to Denver for a company offsite and one of the activities they have planned is a baseball game. Most of the C-suite will be there. What in the world do I wear? It’ll be in the 90s and it’s a mid-day game. Official HR guidelines say shorts are fine but…I cannot fathom? HELP.

When attending a sporting event or other casual, outdoor event with co-workers the key is to mix comfort and ease with professionalism.  For me, that means a relaxed t-shirt dress, sneakers and a baseball cap.  Here’s how to put it together.

The Dress. I like a t-shirt dress because it’s relaxed and breezy, but still nice enough for the office.  Some of you may like wearing chino shorts for a baseball game, and that’s not wrong, it’s just not my preference.  If I needed to play lawn games or something at a company picnic, I would probably wear a skort instead.

This Madewell dress is a midi-length with a relaxed fit.  I like the olive color a lot.  It’s a neutral with punch.  This slightly shorter t-shirt dress from Madewell is also nice.

I also like these Daily Ritual dresses, and this J.Crew Factory dress.  Plus-size?  Old Navy has a lot of inclusively sized t-shirt dresses; I love this swingy tiered version.

Accessories.  I added a linen ball cap, a light-neutral sneaker, a fun crossbody bag, and simple hoop earrings to complete this look.  I chose sneakers over sandals because the ground at a ballpark is sometimes gross.  And a linen baseball cap is a great item to own for days when your hair is not up to the job, and you want a casual look to be pulled together.

Lastly, I added a crossbody bag here for the “look,” but most ballparks require see-through plastic bags.  If you don’t yet own a clear “stadium bag,” I like this one with a faux-leather trim and this one with pockets and a wider strap.

Have tips for what to wear to a ballgame with co-workers?  Leave it in the comments.

Hi Abra,

I am looking for a long pendant necklace with a pendant that is substantial enough to elevate a plain shirt under a blazer. My regular go-to from Ann Taylor is becoming tarnished beyond wear, and I’d like to get something that hopefully won’t tarnish. I missed out on buying your often recommended Rebel pendant last year, do you have any new recommendations? I have really appreciated all of your recommendations over the last 14 years!

Sincerely, Diane

First, let’s talk about tarnish.  If your jewelry is tarnishing in the drawer, place a piece of this anti-tarnish fabric under your jewelry.  Also, you can remove tarnish with a jeweler’s cloth.

As for the pendant, for something similar to the Rebel, this Soko Thin Bar Pendant is a good choice (that should not tarnish aggressively).  Soko’s teardrop pendant also has a great look.  I also like this dog tag pendant.


Do you have a favorite conditioner for color treated hair?  Mine is fried.


Immediately after I get my hair colored, I use this K18 Molecular Hair Repair (a leave-in put in post-shower) for five straight washes.  My hair looks so amazing and feels great after.

For a straight conditioning product, I buy this $10 Davines Spotlight Circle Pouch.  There’s enough conditioner for 10-20 washes (depending on length of hair and how much you use), and the pouch reseals, so it won’t be wasted.  That’s $10 a month for baby soft hair.

Really concerned about split ends?  You need a heat protectant.  I like Hot Toddy, which is applied to dry hair.  For a pre-blow dry option, this $6 Elvive product is my favorite.  It’s not sticky once dry.  It gives your hair a little bit of texturization, so it holds styles better.  And your hair feels really healthy after using it.


I work in a chilly office and rely on cardigans to keep me warm over my summer dresses. But I’m having a really hard time finding good basic cardigans in neutral colors this season! Any suggestions, either for light sweaters, or alternatives that might be easier to find?

Thanks! Heather C.

My best tip for staying warm in a chilly office is to use a heating pad.  Just sit on it, and it will keep you warm even when the AC is cranked up to 11.

As for cardigans, neutrals have been tougher to find this season.  Everywhere I look, there are brights and pastels.  J.Crew Factory has several styles in neutral colors.  (They also have cotton pieces, which I know matters to many of you.)  LOFT has a selection of longer cardigans, which are worth a look.  This white, v-neck cardigan caught my eye.

To get a variety of styles and size ranges, don’t sleep on LL Bean.  Some of my favorite sweaters and jackets come from this brand.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Re Baseball game- it looks like the Rockies actually allow you to bring in a bag as long as it’s smaller than 16x16x8, and is soft sided with a single pocket.

    I’d also recommend sunglasses, and maybe pack a coozi or two in case you get a canned adult beverage and you can share the extra one to make a friend/good impression.

    June 9, 2022/Reply
  2. Emily says:

    Maybe I misunderstood the first question – but I read it as she is expected to PLAY baseball like a company baseball game. If that is the case, I think it would be weird to wear a dress. To attend a baseball game 100% but to play baseball, I’m not sure it would look appropriate to the occasion!

    June 9, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Maybe I read it wrong. But you’re right. For that I would be all skort and a fitted tee.

      June 9, 2022/Reply
  3. Jules says:

    For the baseball game, I would also consider linen pants and a breezy top, or any lightweight bottom paired with a cute UPF top. I recommend covering skin as much as possible- the UV index is extremely high here in Colorado and baseball games are long!

    June 9, 2022/Reply
  4. AliciA says:

    As to the Old Navy tiered dress – I find many of the short dresses from Old Navy to be too short (even though I’m only 5’2). My tip is to order online and get the tall version. I have three of the swingy tiered dresses in tall and the length is still above my knees. I’ve ordered many dresses from Old Navy in tall and almost all have worked out. I have to generally size down though – usually wear a small or medium at Old Navy and for the tall dresses I need an xs or small.

    June 10, 2022/Reply
  5. C says:

    With a clear bag, are they usually permitted to have opaque pouches inside? I’m thinking about how to keep certain things private that I don’t need on display to my colleagues/the whole world.

    June 10, 2022/Reply
    • Katel says:

      Yes – clear bag is only so they can quickly scan the contents. Stadium attendants will sometimes ask you to unzip a case but it’s rare.

      Also +1 for UPF clothing and a good dose of sunscreen for baseball. Allbirds flats would be a good choice if you wanted closed toe but not sneakers. Love my Rothy’s but Allbirds have a little more support

      June 10, 2022/Reply
    • michelle says:

      Check with the specific stadium policy online. All the stadiums have weird and different rules in the U.S., even within the same sport, so I wouldn’t go by any generic advice, unless it’s just don’t bring in a bag.

      Also, not all stadiums have lockers to rent that you can store non-compliant items in, so I’ve seen people throw a lot of things out, including purses.

      June 11, 2022/Reply
  6. Sharon says:

    If it’s to watch a baseball game, my coworker came attired in a cute jumpsuit (thick tank straps, ankle length pants). A separate coworker wore a pair of rust linen joggers with a fabulous printed linen top.

    June 10, 2022/Reply
  7. Sarah says:

    If it’s to actually play baseball, I’d just wear the appropriate athletic clothes to include ball cap. I don’t know why we as women would feel the need to wear a skirt (via skort) while running, jumping for a ball, possibly sliding into a base. I think people would be more interested in the spirit of your play than whether you look cute. And yes. Attending versus playing would be very different.

    June 10, 2022/Reply