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The Beauty Range: Products for Your Scalp

If you’ve been reading this blog for longer than a weekend, you probably know that I spend an almost unreasonable amount of time and money styling my hair.  But even as a person who focuses too much on her hair, I rarely think about my scalp.  And judging from the product offerings on many beauty websites, it might be time to start.

The One That I Use

I received a trial size of Briogeo’s Scalp Revival a few months ago, and it’s great for reviving tired roots.  If your hair is mostly dry shampoo, this will clean it right up.

The One That Fakes Fuller Hair

Living Proof Scalp Revitalizing Treatment is supposed to strengthen thinning hair and improve the plumpness of your hair.

The One for Oiliness and Buildup

This Clean Rinse from Sunday Riley gives your scalp a fresh start.  With AHA and BHA, it removes product buildup, dead skin cells, and reduces oil.

The Tool for Stimulating Your Scalp

Sometimes scalp health just means improving circulation.  This tool from Tangle Teaser exfoliates and stimulated for $10.

The Drugstore Hero

This Derma-E Scalp Relief Treatment mixes aloe vera, sea kelp, and tea tree oil to balance your scalp and relieve itching.

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  1. Anja says:

    I swear by Kiehl’s Magic Elixir. I soak my scalp in it once a week, wrap it up in a towel and wait a half hour or so before rinsing!

    January 28, 2022/Reply
    • neens says:

      i also swear by the magic elixir!

      January 31, 2022/Reply
  2. Louisa says:

    Haven’t tried any of the above, but I recently fell in love with Cult + King Tonik . I usually get dry scalp in the winter, but this has stopped it in its tracks. It also has a bit of a tingle when you spry it on your hair so it wakes me up a bit in the morning.

    January 28, 2022/Reply
  3. Cara says:

    The best budget friendly option I’ve found is apple cider vinegar! I use a cap-full on my roots every other time I shower and it gets rid of any buildup while keeping my hair soft.

    January 28, 2022/Reply
  4. E says:

    Sometimes, I feel like you’re a mind reader – have been struggling for the first time with a dry/itchy/flaky (ew) scalp this winter. I tried the briogeo scalp scrub about 6 months ago and after realizing I had CLUMPS of hair falling out after every use, I stopped. Intrigued by the living proof & sunday riley treatments!

    January 28, 2022/Reply
    • Terra says:

      Oh my goodness, same! Know you’re not alone, at least. Oof. This is a truly mind-reading post!

      January 28, 2022/Reply
  5. MM says:

    The only scalp product I’ve started using regularly is Supergoop Part Powder (SPF 35) in the summer or when I know I’ll be outside without a hat for hours. I have very fair skin and have gotten burned on my scalp before – now I’m paranoid about it! Nothing worse than when that sunburn starts to peel, ugh.

    January 29, 2022/Reply