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Happy Hour: The Santa Spritz

As we close out this holiday week, let’s share a cocktail that’s perfect for Christmas morning.  It’s light, refreshing, and it has juice and fruit in it so you can drink it before noon without Aunt Peg having a conniption.

Meet the Santa Spritz — Aperol, pomegranate juice, sparkling rose and club soda.  It’s easy to make and lovely for holiday brunch.  I find pomegranate juice to be al little thick, so don’t forget to stir up this cocktail if you want the flavors to permeate the entire drink.

Looking for glasses to serve it in?  These rose-colored glasses from Estelle are wonderful.  I also like these stemless goblets with a lovely floral pattern.

Want a similar cocktail you can make in bulk?  I served this Sparkling Christmas Punch at our holiday party.

I purchased this R. Vivimios velvet top a few weeks ago.  It says that it’s cropped, but while I found it shorter than some of my shirts, with high-waist jeans, it was long enough.

Don’t want to chance it? This Donna Karan long sleeve top has a dramatic neckline.  I also love this bodysuit with a gathered neckline from Goodnight Macaroon.

Looking for something in black?  WAYF has a cool velvet top.  I also like this wrap style top from Treasure and Bond.

Plus-size?  This square neck top from Forever21 is nice.  I also like this forest green top from 1.State.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas, Abra! Hope you have a relaxing and fun week over the holidays, and a very good new year! Thanks for all you do to inform and interest us all year long!

    December 23, 2021/Reply