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Happy Hour: Tropical Mocktails

In Spokane, there’s a small, and I mean small, bar called Tiny Tiki.  Barely the width of a hallway and with a handful of tables, it was a fun place to go if you only planned to have one drink — because while the place is small, the drinks pack a punch.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, the bar is temporarily closed.  (There’s no social distancing in a closet-sized space.)  But thinking about  this fun little bar, got me thinking about tropical mocktails.

Now, fall might seem like an odd time to be thinking about beachy cocktails, but it feels like a fun date night for an evening in.  Saltwire has some fantastic recipes for different mocktails with a taste of the South Pacific (or at least what Americans in the 1950s thought was the South Pacific).  A few of the cocktails use Seedlip Spice, a non-alcoholic spirit, in place of Rum, but most use a combination of juices and other ingredients.

I also love a traditional painkiller, and this Saveur recipe is wonderful.  Sadly, it does not come with a side of beach chair and summer breeze.

Need the accompanying glasses?  Amazon has some options including these coconut, pineapple, and bamboo goblets.  May I also suggest some cool, eco-friendly straws?

Since we’re just staying in for the evening (maybe with our partners, maybe with a friend or two), how about some fun pajamas?  This orange set is for tall ladies.  I also like this tropical pink set for plus-size women or straight sizes.  Petite?  Try this pair from LOFT.

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{Editor’s Note: This post originally referred to Tiki cocktails. A reader pointed out this NPR article on how Tiki is a completely American invention that appropriates words from Maori culture.  It’s an interesting read, and I have altered the post accordingly.}



  1. Laura says:

    Hey, I don’t think you intended this, but “tiki” culture is… not great, from an appropriation/respect for other cultures standpoint. Maybe call it “tropical,” and re-think the image and link to the “tiki” glasses?

    For more info, NPR talked about this a few years ago, and (who knew?) had a good piece as well:

    September 30, 2021/Reply
    • Belle says:

      This is good information. Thanks.

      September 30, 2021/Reply
      • Laura says:

        Thanks Belle/Abra! Really appreciate your willingness (and speed!) to update!

        September 30, 2021/Reply
        • e says:

          Always blown away by your willingness to learn and the way you encourage your readers to do the same. Other bloggers should take note!

          October 1, 2021/Reply
        • Abby says:

          Laura, I love the respectful way in which you pointed out the correction. It’s an example of much more productive way to have these conversations. Love this community!

          October 1, 2021/Reply
    • Allison says:

      I didn’t know this! Thanks for sharing

      October 1, 2021/Reply
  2. Jen says:

    I LOVE those orange tropical pjs (I live in OK, where we celebrate the OSU Cowboys and all things orange), but sadly the are too tall for me. 🙂

    September 30, 2021/Reply