Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 278

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth. // Benjamin Disraeli

+ Staying motivated when you loathe your job.

+ The ultimate WFH button-down. It’s too soft for words.

+ Fatness and Feminism.

+ Office Outfit: Sleeveless bodysuit + navy pants + ivory blazer 

+ Five ways to reduce rudeness in the remote workplace.

+ These Mediheal masks (both the firming and pore-minimizing) are worth every penny.

+ Is there a difference between drugstore and luxury beauty products?

+ A friend insisted that I put up her favorite wireless bra.

+ How gender-coded messages shapes who applies for a job.

+ The embellished velvet mules are everything.

+  Explaining ‘Shein’ the Chinese fast fashion giant.

+ This COS sweater has sheer panels for an end-of-summer layered look.

+ Stop being so grateful.

+ The perfectly chic, $50 cable-knit sweater.

Long Read. Someone is stealing books before they’re published. The story that I didn’t think I would find riveting.

Washington is back on mask mandate as of yesterday.  So Kyle and I will be staying in more than we did early in the summer.  So I  went hunting for a list of a games made for two people.  My favorites are this fun take on Connect 4 and, our old standby, cribbage.  And if you like card games, do yourself a favor and buy the good cards.

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  1. Julie says:

    For two players, I highly recommend the games Sequence and Quixx (have the score cards laminated and pick up some dry erase markers so you don’t have to keep buying the scorecards).

    August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Holly says:

      +1 for sequence. We also love farkle!

      August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Elena says:

      YES to Sequence! It works well with two people, but if you get ~6, maybe a few cocktails…amazing!

      August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Amy says:

      Another +1 for Sequence.

      Also try A Little Wordy from Exploding Kittens. It’s specifically designed for 2 players.

      August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Elinor says:

      Another +1 for Dominion and Codenames Duet. I also clove Clank, which feels like a deck building game mixed with a board game. My brother got it for Christmas, and we have just as much fun playing it with two as with four.

      August 25, 2021/Reply
  2. Crystal says:

    If you enjoy strategic deck-building games, I highly recommend Dominion. It plays very well with 2 (and up to 4) players. More cards are provided than you can put in one game, so the strategy needed to win is always changing depending on the specific combination of cards available (and how your opponent is playing). With the expansion sets, there’s essentially an infinite number of card combinations (currently 10 quintillion — seriously), and different expansion sets introduce different tweaks to keep the game interesting and add different functions and strategies.

    You can play with the base set for free online at, and online subscriptions to the expansions are very cheap (under $5 a month without auto-renew), and only one player needs to have a subscription for everyone playing at the ‘table’ to use the expansion cards. Physical copies are available from Amazon, Walmart, and many other sources – you would need the Base Set (2nd edition) and could then slowly purchase any of the 13 themed expansion sets.

    August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Hh says:

      +1 for Dominion! It’s fun to play as two people, or more.

      August 24, 2021/Reply
  3. sara says:


    August 24, 2021/Reply
  4. Christina says:

    My husband and I play games when we camp and are always on the lookout for two player games. Ones we love currently are Jaws (seriously one gets to be the shark or the crew!) Settlers of Catan dice game, Rivals of Catan, Codenames Duet, Hive, and if you are into murder mystery and want to solve crimes Hunt A Killer is AMAZING!! I do the longer crimes but there are short 2-3 hr kits that are great for an evening around the fire with wine.

    August 24, 2021/Reply
  5. Becky says:

    My husband and I are big two-player board game aficionados. Our favorites are Morels, Akrotiri, Lost Cities, Jaipur, Targi, and Paris: la Cite de la Lumiere! Notably, these are all games specifically designed for two players, not multi-player games with a two-person option (which in my experience don’t always play well).

    August 24, 2021/Reply
    • Sarah says:

      Love Jaipur and Akrotiri. I always lose Akrotiri though ugh. I screenshotted your list and will check out the others!

      August 25, 2021/Reply
  6. NataliE g says:

    I really love everything you link and post!!

    August 24, 2021/Reply
  7. Colleen says:

    Tenzies! It’s a dice game, and I played it with my nephews over the summer. Can easily be adapted for two players and can play it different ways.

    August 25, 2021/Reply
  8. Rebecca says:

    Sprawlopolis is a great 2-person cooperative (not competitive) game. It’s easy to learn and play, but difficult to win, since the number of points you need to win changes each time you play. You and your fellow player(s) are city planners; the city you plan has to meet certain criteria. The game is played with a small deck of cards, each one with 4 zones (residential, commercial, industrial, and park). It doesn’t take long to play (maybe 20 minutes?), and is good for ages 8+.

    September 9, 2021/Reply