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The Favorite Five: Athleta’s Best WFH Styles

Can we talk about Athleta for a second?  Now, you all know how much I love the Skyline Pants.  But this size-inclusive brand of workout and leisure wear is a fantastic option whether you’re working from home or looking for chic, relaxed pieces for weekend.

My Mom, being a proper Southern lady of a certain age, isn’t in love with the idea of wearing leggings.  So she has this Brooklyn Ankle pant in a couple of colors.  They look casual, but stylish, and they’re incredibly comfortable.  She buys hers in the tall length (inseam 27″; also in petite) for a little extra length.  Size 0-26.

Athleta also has an entire section of their website called “Cover Your Assets” for those of us who like a longer top.  The shirttail hem on this Zephyr Tank gives you a little more length for the rear view, and the simple style layers well under a sweatshirt, a denim jacket, or …

This Pranayama Wrap jacket is the perfect thing for layering over casual pieces.  The sweater has a breezy, cozy shape.  It also comes in nine colors.  Tall, petite, plus-sizes in many colors.

Remember college days when yoga pants took over the market?  You know, the precursor to leggings?  I miss the comfort of those wide-leg styles.  And these Nolita wide leg pants, in four colors, give me a little of that back.  With a sleek sweater, I sometimes forget the black ones are athletic attire.

The Poise Dance Wrap is Athleta’s answer to the ballet sweater.  Comfy, chic, and styled in four neutral colors, it’s a great piece for layering over tanks, tees, or button up shirts.

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  1. Kate says:

    It’s worth noting that the skyline pants, brooklyn ankle pants, and nolita wide leg pants, are all made from the same magical stretchy recycled poly-spandex blend that is super comfy, doesn’t wrinkle, and is pretty easy to dress up or down. The cuts are not for everyone (like the sizing on the nolitas just does not work for my cycling thighs), but I would basically like my entire wardrobe to be made out of that “Featherweight Stretch.” (FULL DISCLOSURE: I do work for the company.)

    August 23, 2021/Reply
    • Ms. b says:

      I cannot say enough good things about the Brooklyn ankle pant or the Trekkie jogger. Love the new textures also asi just got a look at them in the store last night. They saved my summer. Client meetings, classroom, golf,sports. Everywhere all day long.

      August 23, 2021/Reply
      • Kelly says:

        Agreed! I literally wore that exact pair — the green Brooklyn pants — to work on Thursday and a hike on Saturday.

        Perfect for both. And I tell you, I’m a size 22-26 and they fit like a dream.

        August 23, 2021/Reply
    • Emily P Wilson says:

      Seems like a great company to work for! I love Athleta and their sustainability initiatives as well as their tall sizes in many of their bottoms (and TOPS)!

      August 23, 2021/Reply
    • Laura says:

      Kate, great intel! As a thigh-y lady as well, I would love to know which pants you find work best for you?

      August 23, 2021/Reply
      • kate says:

        I love both the brooklyn ankle pants and the skylines (which are currently gone but I have to think are coming back?? I have no inside info on that though). I have a lot of trouble with Athleta’s wide leg styles which tend to be tight on my thighs, though – so the Nolita wide leg, Cabo linen, Avenue, all don’t fit me quite right.

        But I agree with the others in this thread – I have worn the brooklyns to work, hiking, sleeping, on planes, out with the kids, etc. Depending on the shoes and top, they can go a million different ways, and I find they’re “easier to wear” than the skylines – the paperbag waist can be tricky.

        I have not yet tried the nolita slim tapered crop, but they’re on my list.

        I also really love the salutation jogger for lounging around, but they definitely just look like “nice sweatpants.”

        (Also, not pants, but in the same fabric, I’m OBSESSED with the winona midi support dress. So, so flattering and comfy.)

        August 24, 2021/Reply
  2. SC MD2 says:

    I love Athleta clothes – currently wearing the pranayama wrap and brooklyn pants. I have two pairs of the brooklyn pants, bought at full price and no regrets.

    August 24, 2021/Reply
  3. Jen B says:

    While I basically implicitly trust Abra I cannot fathom the ballet wrap sweater with a button down shirt? A google image search has not yielded anything obvious… can someone clue me in to what this layering combo looks like / how it styles?

    (yes, clearly I’m trying to justify this sweater as both for WFH and if I ever step foot back in an office!)

    August 24, 2021/Reply
  4. Rachel C says:

    Will the Nolita pants work in a business casual office? Jeans are acceptable with nice tops. I’ve been living in jeans and dresses for the last 18+ months, but I’m starting to want a pair of nice “dress” pants to mix in as the weather cools. But the idea of old school dress pants makes me want to cry.

    August 24, 2021/Reply