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Happy Hour: Date Night Fun

We’re homebound for a bit except for outdoor activities, so I’ve been putting together a list of some of our favorite isolation date nights.  And probably the most fun we had during the pandemic was a dumpling making night.

Making dumplings at home is easier than you think.  It’s also pretty fun.  The first thing you have to get right is the filling.  I like egg, wood ear, and chive or pork dumplings.

Red House Spice is a wonderful resource for all things dumpling and Chinese-food related.  Their folding techniques and tutorials are the best.  And you can make your own wrappers or buy them at the Asian grocer.

Another fun part of making dumplings is making your own sauces.  Serious Eats has five easy dumpling sauces, but this black bean sauce with maple syrup is my favorite.  Or you can buy the sauces, this Fly By Jing sauce is like gold in our house.

LOFT is having a huge end-of-season sale (60% off, code OMG), and this marigold dress is perfect for all your late-summer, early fall needs.  Layer on a denim jacket or chunky cardigan and you’re ready for October.  I also love the classic look of this printed twill dress for Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. e says:

    I cleaned up at the LOFT online sale over the weekend! Once you know your general sizing with LOFT (love that they have petite sizing) you can always stock up if you’re willing to shop out of season,

    August 9, 2021/Reply