Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of What’s Left

I know for many, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was a letdown this year.  The tiered system made it tough to shop, even for cardholders.  And I joked that all that would be left on public opening day was mothballs.  So let’s find out, shall we?

If you want to see my picks from the pre-sale, they are here.  Many of those pieces are still left in limited quantities.  If you were looking for beauty suggestions, they all lived there.

For this post, I did my best to only include items that were still available in a minimum of three sizes.  And I tried to include only items that I genuinely believe are a good value.  And I promise, there will be no Barefoot Dreams cardigans. (*wink*) Here we go.


I own these Spanx leather-look leggings, and I really like them.  They look great in the fall with a chunky sweater or a striped tee and casual jacket or blazer.  Also come in petite.

I know most of our closets are stocked with sweats, joggers and leggings (thanks, COVID), but there are a few items here worth mentioning.  One of my best friends wears these Zella Live In Joggers almost every day in the winter because with three kids, she claims they are essential for life.  Also, this wrap style sweatshirt looks nicer than a standard sweatshirt with all the same comfort.

Lastly, don’t miss these Natori sports bras. I vastly prefer the ones that clip in back to the bras I have to pull over my head.  Why, sports industry, would I want to pull a sweaty bra over my head?

Pieces I Actually Bought and Kept

I tried to focus my Anniversary Shopping this year.  I didn’t want to order dozens of things and then return them.  So I stuck to a handful of pieces I actually wanted.  Here are the three I loved.

Balfern Jacket from All Saints

I wanted this jacket in the “must have” Millenial pink a few years ago.  It sold out before I could get it, but it’s a blessing because this green will be much more wearable.  I never thought I could pull off a leather jacket, but this one works.  (Only available in sizes smaller than 6 right now, but wish list it and if it comes back in in your size, you’ll get an alert.)

I bought this Vince sweater hoping it would be a classic that I could wear for years (with proper care).  And it is, it so is.  The style is great.  It’ll look awesome with leggings or jeans or work trousers.  Need a similar style in plus?  He made a similar weave in a crewneck style.

I tossed this $50 Plisse Dress into my cart because I know there will be dozens of holiday parties this year (at least, I hope there will be).  And it has a really fun disco, 1970s vibe that looks great with a high heel and a pair of big earrings.  (Note of caution: I did $12 worth of alterations to it.  We stitched up the top so it was a little less revealing.)

Also, if you need a work dress, and you’re size 8, snap up this Tahari one now.

Tops, Sweaters, and Shirts

Admittedly, this was the most picked over category.  But there are still a few gems to be had.  Here are the ones I found this morning.

This Halogen sweater (in white and black) is going to be added to wide leg trousers and skirts all winter as my “not trying too hard” and “just threw this on with dry shampoo and prayer” morning rush work look.

This Halogen v-neck tunic tee comes in white and black.  It’s great with casual pieces, looks awesome under short sweaters for the layered look.  The damn thing’s $19, so I bought two of each.  You know I love multiples.

This Halogen v-neck cross-front blouse is now only available in petite.  I wishlisted it, because I know if I can snag one, I’ll wear it 30+ times this winter.

The One Skirt and One Pair of Pants

Hear me out.  Pair this Theory leather skirt with a chunky black knit or a silky black blouse to be the television lawyer of your law school dreams.  Or wear it with a graphic sweatshirt or a slinky blouse to be the NYC It Girl we all aspired to be in 2003.

These Vince Camuto ponte ankle length pants are slim, but not skinny.  They’re also stretchy.  I didn’t even need a hem when I tried them on.  And best of all <$50.

The Rest

My favorite Moonlight Pajamas (also in plus) were 33% off, so I bought all four.  Replacements for when my current stash runs out.  They’re my favorite.  I wear them, or their short version every night.  They’re that good.  If they stop making them, I’ll picket HQ.

This True and Co bralette is the best.  I love the colors it comes in.  I love the lace detail on the back.  I love the supported, but not chained feel.  It’s now only available in the larger size.

I also like their simple Body V-neck Bra. I wear this one when I lounge.  If you need underwire support with no wire, I’m also a fan of Wacoal’s Contour No Wire Bra.  It gives you shaping, removes visible nipple from the equation, and doesn’t hurt to wear.

I stopped traveling with my good jewelry after I left a pair of diamond studs in a hotel room.  I’m still crushed over it because they were my Mom’s.  But alas, these Nordstrom 1ct studs are a fine replacement.  Very delicate and lovely.  Plus, super affordable.

People also love the 2ct version if you like a little more sparkle.

Beyond these choices, I’d also walk through the jeans section if you need a new pair.  I upped my size during COVID, so I picked up these.

Okay, that’s it.  Those are all my suggestions.  Happy shopping.  Sad that the Sale has become such madness.  I doubt I’ll go beyond a mere mention next year.  End of an era.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Does Nordstrom typically restock NSale items at full price after the sale ends?

    July 28, 2021/Reply
  2. Elz says:

    I only bought underwear and skincare this year. As much as I wanted new work clothes, who knows if/when/how long I’ll be back in the office?!

    July 28, 2021/Reply
  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for linking the Vince sweater! Immediately purchased after hunting for something similar for the past three years.

    July 28, 2021/Reply
  4. jlo says:

    Could you show how you would style the Vince chunky sweater with work trousers? I’m 5’2″ and not sure how I would pull it off, but really like the idea of a sweater like this for work.

    July 28, 2021/Reply
  5. Kayla says:

    I snagged that $50 plisse dress in the pink color for a disco themed bachelorette party I’m attending this fall, with the thinking I will also be able to rewear to various other events. It definitely will need alterations though to make the top less wide open.
    I have been pleasantly surprised at how many items have been coming back into stock. I’ve snagged 4 additional wishlist items that sold out those first days.

    July 28, 2021/Reply
  6. Julia says:

    I was stalking some Zella maternity leggings since its them or the Gap, and they went in and out of stock… so if things aren’t available, take a look the next day!

    July 29, 2021/Reply
  7. Christina says:

    Any non-wool recommendations for a similar sweater to the Vince one?

    July 30, 2021/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Not at this time. But when every retailer starts stocking sweaters in a month or so, I’ll do a post about cotton sweaters.

      July 30, 2021/Reply
  8. Jessica Grennan says:

    Are you still loving the vince sweater?

    November 11, 2021/Reply