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Happy Hour: Fruit Infused Drinks for Summer

It’s important to hydrate, especially during the hot summer months.  And one of my tricks for staying hydrated is to make an infused water in a large drinks dispenser, and have it out on the counter, where it cannot be avoided.

I chose this beverage dispenser from Navaris because the wood stand keeps the condensation off of my counter.  If that’s not a concern for you, this 1-gallon dispenser has an ice reservoir in the middle of it to keep drinks cold and runs one-third the price.

Whichever dispenser you choose, this is a situation where you want to read the reviews.  Does the spigot turn easily?  Does it run slow or fast?  How easy is it to clean?  If you plan to use this every day, you need to do a little recon.

As for what to fill it with, the possibilities are endless.  You can go with a simple lemon and cucumber spa water.  Jazz it up with a mix of citrus fruits and mint.  Try the strawberry and basil or orange and kiwi from this list.  Or choose my favorite, lime and blackberry.  Infused waters are a great way to clean out fruit and veg that’s about to be past their prime.

This caftan-style t-shirt dress caught my eye because I want my summer dresses to be as loose and forgiving as possible.  I also like this tie-dye print for wearing around the house or tossing on to head to the store.  It comes in several other colors and prints (a few of which are garish).  Sizes 2-20.


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  1. AnA says:

    Great post and reminds me to drink more water. Feels like summer (all your posts this week)!

    May 21, 2021/Reply