Style + How To Wear It, + Three Ways

Two Ways: A Spotted Sweatshirt

I clicked on this Ann Taylor spotted top thinking it was a blouse, and I almost squealed with delight when I saw it was a sweatshirt.  A cool sweatshirt in an awesome color is exactly what my wardrobe needs right now.  In case your wardrobe could use the same boost, I thought I would give this versatile sweatshirt the Two Ways treatment.

Sweatshirt Ann Taylor Spotted Sweatshirt

How fabulous is this sweatshirt?  That print!  I die!  I love the mix of teal and navy.  And the brushstroke spotted print is fantastic.

The great thing about this sweater is that when you wear it, it looks like one of those expensive sweatshirts you find in small, hip boutiques.  I didn’t just buy one, I bought two.  Because I know I’m going to wear this one out.

This short-sleeve leopard sweatshirt from Target also caught my eye.  The closest thing I could find in plus-size was this Old Navy sweatshirt in leopard and camouflage.

Left Jacket (also in plus-size) // Leggings // Bag // Sneakers // Earrings

What will I be wearing this fall?  Leggings.

Remember when I loathed leggings?  I do.  Now I own eight pair.  Proving that not even I am immune to the siren song of a stretchy fabric and a comfortable waist band  Ah, the arrogance of youth.

The color palette for this outfit is a mix of blues and teals.  I love it because it’s a different from the usual black and white combos that I wear with leggings.  And it looks impossibly chic when put together, like you stepped out of a Peloton ad.

Lululemon Wunder Under will always be my favorite.  I love the slightly slimming fabric.  But they’re so expensive.  And these Colorfulkoala ones are almost as good, one-third the price, and they have pockets.  (I know I’ve been talking about Ck leggings a lot, but I like them that much.)

This Target jacket is the more affordable alternative to the Athleta jacket that I will be wearing non-stop in Montana this fall.  The Athleta jacket is medium weight, water-resistant, and long enough to cover my tush.  It’s $200 that you will spend today and never regret because you’ll be wearing the jacket five years from now.  It also comes in tall and petite.

I chose this medium-size duffle bag because it fit the theme, but mostly because the material is incredibly easy to clean and disinfect.  Just grab a wipe and clean it off.  It’s a great work bag, gym bag, or second travel bag.  And it’s under-$100.

The shoes are the new Rothy’s sneakers.  I like the lace-up look and the colorful details.  The lilac are my favorite color, but the navy is probably more versatile.  When Rothy’s first came out, I really balked at the price.  But I bought my first two pairs of points (black and leopard) over four years ago, I’ve worn them to death, and they still look brand spanking new.

Lastly, I styled this look with some simple earrings, but whatever you have on hand will do.  Whatever your daily driver earrings are.  For the makeup, just some color correcting cream, pinch of cheek color and mascara should do.  Or go makeup free.  It’s a pandemic, take advantage.

Right Blazer // Jeans // Sunglasses // Bag // Shoes

A double breasted blazer is one of my new favorite pieces.  This one from Ann Taylor is simple, stylish and wearable for years to come.  But if you’re not worried about returning it, LOFT has one (VERY similar) that you can pick up for $35 with promo SOGOOD on final sale.  Plus-size?  LOFT has the same jacket in your size range.

I chose boyfriend jeans because skinny jeans are not happening in the time of COVID.  They’re a little bit looser and therefore more comfortable.  These ones are from Citizens for Humanity.  For a non-distressed, but similar, more affordable pair, these Kut from Kloth jeans are on point.

One of mu favorite things about fall is that I can wear sandals with jeans (it’s one of Meghan Donovan’s favorite things too).  These ones from Target have been so good from March to October because they have a heel on them.  And they’re affordable, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them out.

The bag is small.  Big enough for a card case, a phone, a hand sanitizer and a lipstick.  But since I’m not working outside of my house right now, I don’t have to carry much.  If you want a larger cognac crossbody in a mid-price size, try this bag from Kohl’s.

I added some sunglasses because sunnies plus a mask is like the out-in-public disguise I’ve wished for all my life.  It absolves me from wearing makeup.  I never run into people I don’t want to see on a quick Trader Joe’s run.  And I’m pretty sure the anti-maskers should just get on board with this level of anonymity when in public because I am here for it.

For the hair, my go to Zoom hair right now is fluffy done with curlers and volumizing mousse.  For the makeup, I’m all Zoom filter with mascara, lipstick and under-eye corrector.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Ann Taylor is unexpectedly crushing it. I now have this sweatshirt in my cart plus that teal blouse from earlier in the week.

    September 17, 2020/Reply
  2. Lauren Fish says:

    Oh, my this sweatshirt is perfect! This is a marvelous two way post. Thanks for sharing!!!

    September 17, 2020/Reply
  3. Diane says:

    I have a full cart at AT as well. That teal color is my favorite and they have a lot in that right now. I’m surprised to see that the “regular” price on the sweatshirt is $129. That seems high for that type of item at AT.

    September 17, 2020/Reply
    • Caitlin F says:

      I think that might’ve been a glitch – looks like it’s down to 64.50 “full priced”.

      I’m also into the spotted popover it says other customers bought – it’s short sleeved, so I’ll wait for it to go on super clearance, but I think it’ll be great in 6 months.

      October 2, 2020/Reply
  4. Cait says:

    So cute! How did you find sizing? I’m usually in between a S and an XS at Ann Taylor – so hard when you can’t try on in store!!

    September 18, 2020/Reply
    • Margaret says:

      Same question, but debating between a small or medium … thanks Belle for your thoughts here!

      September 18, 2020/Reply
      • Belle says:

        I bought the small, it fits, but isn’t tight. A little boxy.

        September 18, 2020/Reply