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Workout Week: No Shower, No Problem

I workout over lunch, and while the break in my day is uplifting, the post-workout sweat is less than ideal.  Rushing home to get in a shower, the uptick in body acne, none of it is ideal.  If only there was a way to clean up post-workout without a shower.

Back when I was hiking every weekend, I tested a lot of body wipes.  Most were a disappointment, a few were fine, but Cold Shower stood above the rest.

Made with jojoba, aloe, and menthol, Cold Shower removes dirt and oil like a dream.  This wipe, dry shampoo, and a change of clothes helps me finish my day without feeling like I just went to the gym.  Also, the menthol gives you a refreshing feeling that helps cool you down after a workout.

Need something individually wrapped?  My friend swears by Paper Shower when she’s hiking.  The product features a wet wipe and a dry wipe for a complete clean.

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  1. Jessica C says:

    I’ve tried another brand of body wipes and it left me feeling sticky/clamy. Does this actually leave you feeling fresh or is there any “residue” left?

    August 7, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      After I use it, I let it dry for a bit before putting on my clothes. No residue feeling. If I put them right on, I get a bit clammy.

      August 7, 2019/Reply
  2. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this post! I also work out during my lunch break and I don’t have access to a shower facility. To help combat body acne, I highly recommend Paula’s Choice CLEAR Back and Body Acne Spray after you wipe down. Available on Amazon or can purchase through the website. It has been a game changer for me. Other products I am a big fan of are:

    Anything from the Yes to Tomatoes line (available at Target or Amazon)
    CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder – this is a yellow tinted powder to minimize flushed skin after workout (available at Ulta, Sephora, or Clinique counter)
    Pacifica Beauty Underarm Deodorant Wipes, Coconut Milk & Essential Oils. These have a strong scent so probably not for everyone (available at Target or Amazon)

    August 7, 2019/Reply
  3. Liz says:

    I really like the tea tree oil ones from The Body Shop. They’re not that great for actual makeup removal, but I keep them in my workout bag for those no shower or delayed shower situations. Tea tree oil has always been great for treating any body acne breakouts I’ve had, so I like the wipes with it in them.


    August 7, 2019/Reply
  4. sarah says:

    For face wipes, the individually wrapped Ursa Major wipes are the best!

    August 7, 2019/Reply
  5. Christine says:

    I use the Simple brand facial wipes for sensitive skin on my body after workouts as well, and found them to work great. Plus, you can get 50 wipes for $7 at Target. I just can’t get myself to pay more than that.

    August 7, 2019/Reply
  6. Elizabeth says:

    Curious as to everyone’s hair situation when you work out. If I do barre/regular yoga with no shower, dry shampoo works. But if I run/spin, it’s like I dunked my head in the pool. Is anyone headed back to work after a tough cardio session? How do you do it?

    August 7, 2019/Reply
    • Betsy says:

      Second this question! I just started using dry shampoo (eeeek) but I’m about to pop (38 weeks pregnant) so I’m really not working out. Interested to hear other people’s experiences!

      August 8, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Mine doesn’t get too sweaty, except at the nape of the neck. I use dry shampoo before my workout to keep down the stickiness.

      August 8, 2019/Reply
    • Sarah says:

      I blow dry the sweat back into my hair – sounds gross but it’s a great volumizer! I use a powder dry shampoo (r and co) before I work out, then add a bit more and blow dry it all in.

      August 10, 2019/Reply