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An Outfit for Casual Mondays

What is casual Monday?  It’s a Monday when you have no big meetings, your bosses will likely be at the lake, and you need to look nice, but you don’t need to try to hard.  So what does one wear on a casual Monday?

Amal Clooney is a style icon.  Simple, classic, but always with an explosion of personal style.  If I could raid any celebrity closet, I have my shopping list already to go for hers.  This outfits is perfect for a casual Monday because it is beautifully pulled together.  But also, because if  you’re wrong about the makeup of your Monday, or something changes, you can just grab a blazer and press on.

Sweater // This J.Crew Short Sleeve Sweater is a preppy summer staple.  It comes in a myriad of colors, and runs up to 3x sizing.  You can wear it with skirts now (would also pair with this floral pleated one), and jeans and trousers when it cools down.

Skirt // Matching this rose skirt with a chic that wasn’t Gucci or Dolce or Prada was a challenge.  Floral print pencils pervade the upper reaches of the department store shelves, but are less common in the places where you and I shop.

I loved the look of this Della’cqua skirt with it’s bold floral — Limited sizing, however.  I also found this DvF skirt with a modern gingko (?) floral.  And for something more colorful, this White House, Black Market skirt that also comes in petite.  Plus-size?  Go for this Rachel Roy.

Shoes // Amal is in a unique, but elegant pair of black and white pumps.  Difficult to find, but I did locate these pricey Russo slingbacks.  I adore them, but they are seriously spendy.  Luckily, I found a pair I like even better for $53 at WHBM.   They’re a lovely way to be on trend and budget-friendly this summer.

Accessories // The bag is a simple Kate Spade satchel.  I love the shape and the look.  This would be a great black work tote for those searching for something minimalist.

I chose a simple pair of pearl and silver earrings.  These are versatile, pretty, and not overpowering.  The pair in the photo sold out one hour after I made this collage (aggravating), but I found a very similar pair for $65.

Lastly, oversize sunglasses are a must here.  A must.  I love these Quay sunglasses because they’re chic and affordable.  I also learned this weekend, that you can wipe off the white letters on the lens with a bit of nail polish remover.  Want the designer equivalent?  These Gucci shades are it.


So who is your go to style icon?  Leave your most lust-worthy closets in the comments.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That Jcrew sweater is completely see thru, according to the reviews. The reviewer said she needed a camisole under even the black one. Too bad– I totally need tops to wear with both pencil and full skirts. Most stores and bloggers style them with tops that would never work because they’re too bulky or long.

    June 17, 2019/Reply
    • cait says:

      Ugh, that is so disappointing. Although hits right on the mark with one of the articles Belle posted on Friday about J Crew still not “back”.

      June 17, 2019/Reply
    • Susan says:

      Yes, the decline of the crew is so sad and so real. I used to get 80 percent of my wardrobe there—work and casual. Now…the quality is so bad. And suddenly at 5’7” I’ve become too tall. Devastated, I really hope this new guys cleans things up.

      June 17, 2019/Reply
    • Liz says:

      There’s a similar Factory J.Crew sweater that’s awesome and not see-through (I own it in three colors)

      ** note: I would get one size smaller than you usually take. I’m pretty consistently a 4/S in J.Crew tops, and occasionally a 2 at Factory — the XS fit me perfectly.

      June 18, 2019/Reply
  2. TheLOOP says:

    I love Amal and would kill to have even a tenth of her wardrobe but IMHO, the floral skirt you found is way better than hers.

    June 17, 2019/Reply
  3. SC says:

    I have been searching up and down for the perfect floral fabric to make a pencil skirt, so this post is very timely! I think I’ll check eBay for options on more colors of s/s sweater-tees to pair it with.

    I would love to raid Queen Letizia of Spain’s closet. She has an impeccable style — classic and feminine, with lots of nice business-type sheath dresses and tailored pants. (We’ll just overlook the fact that nothing of hers would fit me, ahem.)

    June 17, 2019/Reply
  4. Mel says:

    I’ve found similar, non-see through versions of the sweater on thred-up. I got myself a RL and it is lovely.

    Also, I really just came here to say something looks really off about her left foot, like it is photoshopped onto the pavement.

    June 18, 2019/Reply