Style + Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Brazilian Limeade

“I’m outdoorsy in that I like to drink on patios.”

Summer is here, and it’s time for outdoor cocktails.  So let’s bring back Happy Hour!

This Brazilian Limeade is a mocktail, a rare feature on this blog.  But you could always add cachaca (a fermented spirit) or rum if you want to make it boozy.

I love the idea of taking a refreshing drink like Limeade or Lemonade and adding sweetened milk to it to make it creamy and frothy.  If you’re not a condensed milk person, sweetened coconut milk would be a wonderful add.  Such a fun, summery drink, but certainly not one that is low in calories.

I envision filling up a brightly colored glass pitcher, buying some fun straws, and inviting friends over to sit outside on a warm summer day.  This would be a great drink to prepare in large batches for family gatherings, since kids could drink it mocktail’ed and adults could add a shot or two.

I love eyelet.  It’s so summery and breezy and feminine.  I feel like I should be standing on a beach somewhere any time I wear it, toes in the sand, relaxation on my mind.  Perhaps, I will just wear eyelet all summer?

At $108, this Jessie Eyelet dress would make a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.  Plus, the straps are wide enough you could wear a real bra.

For something more affordable, this short sleeve dress from TJ Maxx is fab.  I also like this mini-er-length dress from Express if you’re not a maxi or midi wearer.  If you want color, this tomato red Donna Morgan is all summer, all the time.  Plus-size?  Try this Anthro dress or this under-$80 Lane Bryant.

Just need an eyelet top?  This sleeveless Maeve top and Aqua ruffled top both caught my eye.

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