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Happy Hour: Barbecue Season Cometh

Earlier this week, I hosted a few people at my rented home in Montana.  Thee homeowners have every kitchen appliance and hosting essential you can imagine, except one — an apron.

I love a cute apron.  Yes, it’s a little happy homemaker.  However, when you’re hosting a party at home, you don’t want to spill on your clothes.  Whether you’re making guacamole or finishing up some appetizers, you want to look nice when you’re guests arrive but not risk ruining your outfit.  I usually buy a holiday-themed apron when I host a Christmas party.

This Lamia Apron from Anthropologie is adorable.  It has a wonderful vintage feel to it.  This tufted apron and chambray apron are both really adorable.  For a more traditional apron shape, I like this polka dot apron.

A cute apron is also nice to have if you’re just having a simple barbecue at home where you want to wear something simple (jeans and a striped tee), but wear something a bit festive.  Want a real vintage apron?  Try Etsy.  This bib apron with violets on it is so cute.

Mojitos are a wonderful drink to serve at parties.  They’re fun, they’re festive, and most people can’t drink more than two.  These Raspberry Mojitos are a wonderful party option.

To make them simpler to construct during the party (who wants to make drinks all night?), muddle the fruit with the syrup before hand and just spoon it into the glass.  You can also slice and wash all of your fruit and herbs before people arrive.  I once put the muddle fruit in a bowl, the cut fruit in another bowl, the liquor mix in a pitcher, and just laid out the glasses and the ice and had people make their own.  So easy.

To set up your own cocktail bar, you just need a few essentials.  Serving bowls, squeeze bottles, metal straws and a cute cutting board.  Just set up the glasses, and let them play bartender.

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  1. Emily says:

    I love these entertainment posts – Happy Friday!

    April 5, 2019/Reply
  2. Monica T says:

    Love love LOVE that chambray apron! I have a denim workhorse apron I use for serious baking, but this would be an adorable party version of that. Cannot.wait.for.Summer.

    April 5, 2019/Reply
    • Jill says:

      Love the idea of a lightweight apron summer. Totally smart to wear one. Cooking with abandon is fun.

      April 5, 2019/Reply