Anniversary Sale: Kyle’s Picks for Men

The Anniversary Sale is back to school shopping for adults!  Its a great time to pick up a staples  or try some new things at a discount.  Because who doesn’t love a deal?


Mykhal Venetian Loafers ($130)

I love these and they are a great price. Roll up your pants and wear them without socks to impress at weddings this summer. T

These GrandPro Perforated Sneakers can also be formal as well! These are an easy way to dress up shorts and t shirt. You can also wear them with pants for a night out when dress shoes would be over kill.

I get it, these Allen Edmonds Strand Oxfords are still expensive even on sale. But this a 4-5 year staple for your closet. Allen Edmonds are a premire shoe and with care will last forever!


Lacoste Pima Cotton T-shirt ($32)

Upgrade your t-shirts! everyone like t shirts but wearing the college hold overs is only acceptable around the house! You can also throw a blazer over for a great work travel day option.

Throw away your cargo shorts… joke…..just seriously, get rid of your cargo shorts.  And replace them with these Travis Mathew Seatac Regular Fit shorts or these AG Wanderer Modern Slim Fit Shorts.

Boss Flatfront Trouser ($130)

Similar to the Allen Edmonds above, its a great opportunity to restock your work pants.  Sometimes you have to spend a little money to get what you need.

I own these Ted Baker London Wool Trousers, they are amazing, and this medium blue is fantastic.  But buy the size up (tiny European sizes)….you’re welcome.

Boss Quarter Zip Sweater ($99)

Fall is coming.  Eventually.  I’m told.  This sweater is what you need for cooler weather.  Whenever it gets here.


Dental on the Go Teeth Whitening System ($52)

This is a life saver on the road!  You can’t have dingy teeth when visiting the parents or handling a board meeting.

Montblanc Eau de Toilette Set ($52)

This is my new favorite thing!  Carry the small bottle on trips and keep the large bottle in your bathroom at home.

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  1. Allison says:

    Ohh sending my husband a link to those perforated sneakers!

    July 20, 2018/Reply
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  3. Milena Blake says:

    I have a question about ditching the cargo shorts. I have been trying desperately to get my husband to give them up but he refuses. His argument is that he has to carry too much for regular shorts to cut it. He does sort of have a point- wallet, phone, keys, glasses case (he wears prescription glasses/sunglasses) and a handkerchief (he’s old school). It is a tight fit in regular shorts and even if it fits, he is pretty lumpy. Any suggestions/counterarguments?

    July 24, 2018/Reply