Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: August 14, 2017

The politics of shaving, ASOS new arrivals, job searching tips for LinkedIn, and more…


1) Ladysplaining the Google Memo. (This is a must read.) (Vox)

2) I am obsessed this these green suede kitten heels from AT.

3) Do you have to give a potential employer your salary info? (WaPost)

4) Need cardigans? Try a ruffle sleeve one or a textured grey one.

5) The politics of women’s body hair in the workplace. (Elle)

6) New from ASOS: A floral print shift, a frill sleeve blouse, these pink flats.

7) The Truth About Women and White Supremacy. (The Cut)

8) Karen Millen is killing it–love this ruffle dress and ivory skirt.

9) LinkedIn hacks to improve your job chances. (Career Contessa)

10) Need PJS? I love this racerback gown and this printed sleep set.

11) A heart-wrenching story about leaving an abusive relationship. (Refinery29)

12) The must-have facial trimmer. Because when you hit 35, chin hair is a thing.


What I’m Following. Sephora’s new Beauty Insider Community answers all your burning makeup questions.  Because we all have them.

What I’m Looking Forward To. The Crown Season 2.

What’s Dangerous. A recipe for sour cream donuts with brown butter glaze.

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  1. Emily says:

    Have you actually used the facial hair trimmer? I’ve seen the ads for it and was intrigued, but I was afraid that like the hundreds of hair removal tools before it, it wouldn’t live up to the hype.

    August 14, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I bought it on Amazon last week. It was the best one I’ve ever used for getting close to the skin.

      August 14, 2017/Reply
  2. MOnica T says:

    White women benefit from white supremacy, regardless of if we are white supremacists ourselves. This is a bitter pill to swallow, but I feel it is true. We remind the white male of his mother, wife, daughter. When I hear another white man in power talking about a child of color being a stranger’s child, I remember this. I think this ties in closely with the sexism of the Google manifesto, because it is sexist to think that all women are nurturing, motherly types who love all children, although I wish in this case that was true. Some people believe that they and they’re children can only succeed on the backs of others, that there isn’t enough for all of us to thrive, and that there is a natural hierarchy to the world. This makes them feel good about themselves, about their ancestors and about their descendants. I wish I knew what we could do to change their hearts and their minds. It is a very difficult day when we are forced to confront the darkness that lurks in the heart of men and women.

    August 14, 2017/Reply
    • TheLoop says:

      Thank you for sharing this. It’s good to have more white women allies speak up.

      August 14, 2017/Reply
      • ReadEr says:

        Please don’t. Not every reader on this blog is white.

        August 23, 2017/Reply
  3. Anna says:

    Regarding Sephora, I just thought of Caroline Hirons’ most recent blog post. I am forever thankful to one of the commenters here who first recommended Caroline’s blog.

    August 14, 2017/Reply
  4. Jess says:

    I’m wondering if the home page isn’t updating – this post wasn’t in the workday reading section either on the front page or when you click on workday reading in the top bar (I had to type the address in from my feed reader), nor is the Ask the Edit section updating with the most recent post.

    Also, anyone see the irony in posting an article about the politics of women’s body hair and also a link to the must-have facial trimmer? 🙂 Not complaining, it just cracked me up.

    August 15, 2017/Reply