Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: April 21, 2017



1) A drugstore brand punk’d several beauty bloggers with pretty packaging. (The Cut)

2) This slouchy H&M tote looks much more expensive than it is.

3) White House aides grapple with their newfound celebrity. (Politico)

4) Outnet has these cute Sam Edelman sandals and this fresh work dress for under-$100.

5) Unicorn Frappuccino: Made of sugar, Instagram likes, and barista tears. (Kotaku)

6) From the Nordstrom Sale: a jacquard sweater, a fit-and-flare dress, these kitten heels.

7) Six Habits of Financially Smart Women. (The Everygirl)

8) Essie Topless & Barefoot is the most popular nail polish on Pinterest.

9) How to get divorced in Silicon Valley. (The Guardian)

10) Suck at poaching eggs? This silicon device will save your eggs benedict.

11) Dangerous words we only use to describe women. (Elite Daily)


What I’m Excited For/Dreading. Carmen Sandiego on Netflix. (Please don’t ruin my childhood.)

Who I Want to Have Dinner With. The Manager of the Times Square Olive Garden.

What I’m Definitely Buying. This coffee mug. Or in my case, tea cup.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Haha! Loved the article about the unicorn frapp.

    April 21, 2017/Reply
  2. Cait says:

    I witnessed a grown woman yell at a barista yesterday because the Starbucks at the university bookstore didn’t have the unicorn frapp. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments saying baristas are being too whiny about this whole thing and they shouldn’t complain about doing their jobs, but the way they get treated during stuff like this is ridiculous. If the parent company wants to do a promotion like this, fine, but they should back up their employees by making sure they have enough product, bringing in extra people to cover the rush etc.

    April 21, 2017/Reply
  3. Kate says:


    Interested if you’ve always identified as a feminist and what that was like working for Republicans on the Hill. Just curious.

    April 21, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I always held feminist ideals. I only started identifying myself as one 7-8 years ago, because like a lot of women, I was confused about what feminism was outside of the burning bras/anti-man context that was being promulgated at the time.

      My old boss was a feminist (in the way he treated his staff and the people around him), without a doubt, whether he’d use that word I don’t know. Men and women of the same rank were paid equally. Women’s ideas were always valued equally. No one was treated or talked about differently. I didn’t even find out the world was different than that until I left the Hill.

      When I was a lobbyist, it was clear some offices/staffs felt differently about women. It wasn’t just Republicans. Some of my biggest issues happened with Democrats, two in particular. I think politics is an old boys club, and the older the people you’re dealing with, the more likely they are to see women as just biding time until they get married.

      I also dealt with a lot of Southern members/staff who DID NOT understand why “a pretty girl” like me wasn’t dating. An adversary started a rumor that I was gay, and when people would bring it up, I would be like “Would it be a problem if I was?” Most of the time, it wasn’t people, were just curious. Some of the time, I got the look. I’m not gay, but it just seemed like an odd reaction to an unmarried, single woman of 30, esp. in the 21st Century.

      Most of the people I dealt with, men and women, GOP and Dem, never treated me differently. But discussions with older men and women about feminism are tough. A lot of GOP women think of themselves as liberated, and just don’t understand why we feminists need to make such a big deal about it. They’ll espouse all the foundational feminist ideas, but use the word, can’t be done. It’s tough to explain that Feminism exists not to disempower men, but to lift women up. Some women are already up, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. It can be a struggle to have these conversations, but someone has to do it.

      April 21, 2017/Reply
      • Yael @ Nosherium says:

        What a wonderful and enlightening glimpse into your world. Thank you for sharing this.

        April 21, 2017/Reply
      • Lo says:

        Thank you so much for sharing this.

        April 23, 2017/Reply
  4. A scientist says:

    Silicone not silicon. Unless you like poaching your eggs on semiconductors 🙂

    April 22, 2017/Reply