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2016 Gift Guide, Affordable Stocking Stuffers


Ah, the last gift guide of the year.  This is always one of my favorites.  I am notoriously hard to buy gifts for, face on a wanted poster notorious.  But some of my favorite gifts, from ugly pajamas to a lump of coal, fell into the stocking stuffer category.  So let’s have fun, and hopefully, find the gifts you’ll think back on fondly for years to come.


The Original Apothecary Matchstriker ($25) is one of the best hostess/housewarming gifts ever.  It goes with any decor.  It’s super functional.  And it’s one of those items that’s simple and surprisingly beautiful objects that takes you by surprise.  I also love the long, black-tipped matches in this Skeem Match Jar ($15).


Tired of buying expensive makeup-removing wipes?  The Makeup Eraser ($20) removes everything, including waterproof mascara, with just water.  It’s also a dream for cleaning makeup brushes; the microfiber really grabs onto all the grime.


Women love trinket dishes and catchalls, but what do men love to store their stuff in?  Old, wood cigar boxes, like this Aristocrats Box ($8), are a great way for men to store the piles of stuff that seem to accumulate on every flat surface they touch.  They can store business receipts, pocket litter, and other trinkets without losing anything.


Nostalgia gifts always make great stocking stuffers.  One of the best nostalgia gifts for 90s kids?  Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Party Packs ($17).  Other good nostalgia gifts include Crazy Straws and Topps Trading Cards.


Keychains make great gifts for almost anyone.  I love this Wishbone Keychain ($14).  This Town and Country keychain ($34) is really chic, but this Liquor Cabinet keychain ($20) more accurately describes where my life is at right now.


There’s nothing like a great Christmas cookie.  Cookie stamps and cookie cutters make good stocking stuffers for bakers and cookie lovers.  These Alphabet Cookie Stamps ($14) are simple and chic.  I also like these Copper Cookie Cutters in a snowflake shapes ($11).  And for the ultimate cookie baker, Silpat ($24), always, Silpat.

Other inexpensive stocking stuffers include a box of good quality writing pens (why do offices always stock bad pens?!), lint rollers and Tide pens, or chapstick.  I also like to pack in someone’s favorite brand of candy.  And a $20 Starbucks or Amazon gift card is usually a crowd pleaser.



  1. Crystal says:

    Great ideas! I always prefer functional, practical small gifts rather than cheap, useless junk that people often feel compelled to keep for far too long. These are perfect options — thoughtful and useful! Thanks!

    December 16, 2016/Reply
  2. Lauren Lewow says:

    Also – just discovered the external flash drives for photos on your camera phone. If you have a serial selfie taker or aspiring blogger and new parent in your life, this would be a great gift. Maybe everyone else knows though… could be late to the party on this https://www.leefco.com/ibridge

    December 16, 2016/Reply
  3. thb says:

    yes…all of these

    December 16, 2016/Reply