Quick Fashion Queries Vol. III, No. Four

From yesterday’s comments:

Would you do a post on wearing two or three delicate necklaces – layered – and ways to keep them from getting tangled?


I own a layered necklace spacer that I bought on Etsy.  It gives the clasps a bit of room, which keeps mine from getting tangled.  Your other option is to link all the chains together using a necklace extender.  Either way, you can keep the necklaces from tangling in the back.

Hi Belle,

I’m hunting for a pair of velvet pumps.  I’d like a block heel for comfort, but I’d take a regular heel 3″ or under.  My price range is under $150.


These Sam Edelman Kassidy pumps in navy look like what you’re after.  This burgundy pair from Modcloth is also worth a look.  For a playful choice, ASOS has a short heel with a ballerina wrap look to it.  If you want to go the tradition route, Sam Edelman also makes this chic pointed-toe heel in deep burgundy.

Dear Belle,

These lace up sweaters are everywhere.  I like this one I saw at Intermix, but $298 is really steep for casual wear.  Can you help me find a cheaper one, like a lot cheaper, say sub $100?

Hope you’re feeling better. Sincerely, Kate

This Lioness Lace Up Sweater from Shopbop has a similar look.  I also love the look of this oatmeal sweater from Bardot.  For something under-$50 try this navy lace-up from Forever21 or this ivory eyelet sweater from Missguided.

If you’re not crazy about the front-lacing, I spotted this Endless Rose sweater, which has side lacing.  Also, this turtleneck sweater from Missguided with side-lacing.


This may be a strange question, how do you wash your underwear? I bought the Hanky Panky bare thongs on your recommendation, but they’re so expensive!  How do you keep them clean and in good shape?  I just want them to last as long as they can at that price.


I own two types of underwear, Hanky Panky thongs for daytime wear and cotton boyshorts for night wear.  I just wash the boyshorts with my regular laundry.  However, I wash the thongs in a mesh lingerie bag on the delicates setting.  Some people use special detergent, but I’m allergic to the perfumes they usually add to delicate detergents, so I just use Woolite.  Then, I dry them on low.  I do the same thing with my bras, but I use these BraSaver bags from Nordstrom.



  1. Addie says:

    I wear Victoria’ Secret’s the lacie thong almost exclusively. They’re not cheap but they are cheaper than Hanky Panky and they’re still in great shape after washing them the same way Belle does. I both wash and dry them in the mesh bag

    October 27, 2016/Reply
  2. Katherine says:

    Target has a great lace up sweater for around $20 which is perfect for the Trendy Sweater of Fall 2016. It’s in oatmeal and charcoal (I’ve the loathed)

    It’s lightweight, but at that price, who cares….

    October 27, 2016/Reply
  3. HH says:

    Re: Gray’s question: if you’re willing to go the extra mile, I dry my nice/delicate underwear and all my bras on a drying rack rather than putting them through the dryer. I have a few Hanky Panky thongs and they’ve lasted quite some time by doing that and using a mesh lingerie bag when washing them.

    October 28, 2016/Reply
  4. Bron says:

    RE: Velvet pumps – another Target buy –

    They also do an embellished ankle boot and flat in velvet! So pretty!!

    RE: keeping your smalls in good condition. I hand-wash my delicate underwear – I HATE handwashing anything else but this really isn’t a big deal and doesn’t take much time, I swear. I have a small tub with a lid and I put them in there as I wear them, separate to my laundry. Once a week or so I add water and lingerie wash, let it soak for 20 min, then swirl around, gently agitate the fabric, rinse, wring and hang out. The wash I have says you don’t need to rinse, I just think its cleaner.

    October 28, 2016/Reply