Workday Reading

The Daily Eight: September 7, 2016



1) Women are asking for more raises (yay!), but they’re shot down more often than men (boo!). (Time)

2) This two-finger opal ring from Noir ($26) needs to be yours. I own one and I get so many compliments.

3) How to be less creative at work, and why you should be sometimes. (Fast Company)

4) BB Dakota’s Vegan Leather Jacket is the best, and it’s just $105.  Their Carmenita drape back, striped tee is also lovely.

5) 9 things you can do today to get up earlier tomorrow. (Business Insider)

6) Boden is offering 20%-off until Friday.  Pick up their Kelly Dress and their Boy Fit Shirt to start fall off right.

7) How to tell a mother that her son is dead–grab a tissue before reading. (NYT-Sunday Review)

8) Pink sneakers are popping up everywhere.  This Adidas pair are cool and fashion-forward.  For something brighter, these classic Nike tennis sneakers with a hot pink swoosh are great.

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