Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: May 4, 2016


It’s 2:57 A.M.  My to do list is not getting shorter.  Exit student loan counseling broke me emotionally.  And there’s a good chance I failed a final this weekend in a class I should have aced (ran out of time).

Sometimes, when you’re drowning, it’s hard to remember that the sea is made of champagne and other people would happily trade places with you.  After all, this will end Saturday, and I will have a JD.  Perspective.


1) Behold, the restorative power of the unfollow.  (The New York Times)

2) For stylish workwear under-$100, do.not.miss this gorgeous Ellen Tracy flounce hem skirt and long Halogen coral topper.

3) Arianna Huffington, and the Gilded Age of Corporate Feminism.  (Buzzfeed)

4) The Lancome Miracle CC Cushion might be the best money I’ve ever spent on a makeup product.  For a drugstore peach concealer, try Pixi correction concentrate and thin it out with a bit of primer.

5) Sneaky interview tricks the top tech companies use to ensure they hire the best people. (This article is satire, I read it while tired and didn’t pick up on it.  Need sleep.) (Quartz)

6) Nordstrom Rack is dripping in under-$50 work dresses.  This Tahari sheath with a cap sleeve and folder neckline, a must.  And this Donna Morgan printed shirtdress is perfect for casual Friday.

7) The five ways meeting get off track and how to prevent each one. (Harvard Business Review)

8) I have burned through most of my chic work pumps.  These Louise et Cie Hermosa heels may be a sleek replacement.  I also like these scalloped red Augusta flats to wear with my navy dresses.

9) Have you heard of Fairygodboss?  It’s a company review site (think Glassdoor) specifically geared to women, and it’s taking the industry by storm.

10) Have I mentioned recently how cool and impactful the jewelry from Chico’s is?  No, seriously, that Chico’s.  I bought this Danita long necklace, and I love it.

11) The pros and cons of working out before or after work. (Levo)

12) Shopbop is having a surprise three-day sale.  This Susanna Monaco dress is a good option for the office.  For a dramatic statement piece, try Tamara Mellon’s side keyhole blouse.

*image found here.

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  1. L says:

    PS – #5 is a satirical article. This is NOT how tech interviews should be conducted (although many often are). Please do not take the “advice” in this article seriously as a way to find good candidates (and if you apply for a job and have interview experiences like this RUN AWAY before the company can ruin your life)

    May 4, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Read it while tired. Thanks for catching that.

      May 4, 2016/Reply
  2. Sally says:

    I think #5 is meant to be cheeky, not serious. The author is a comedian.

    May 4, 2016/Reply
    • Maddy says:

      It’s labeled as “LOLZ,” so I’d say that’s a safe bet.

      May 4, 2016/Reply
  3. Elle Belle says:

    Hey Belle!

    I completely relate to the law school struggle, unfortunately, I have one more year left. Your posts have really helped me to get through finals, and I am so appreciative for it. It is a wonder to me sometimes how you can juggle so much that you deal with your everyday life, and then post as much as you can. I imagine that is not easy. I hope that once it is all said and done, that you take a few days for yourself and give yourself a breather. I find that that helps me sometimes.

    Good luck! You didn’t come this far just to come this far. Proud of you!

    May 4, 2016/Reply
  4. Karen says:

    By the way – to do lists for high achievers never get shorter – but some of the things on those lists, like “graduate,” nestled between “pick up cleaning” and “prewrite blogposts” are pretty stellar. You’re crazy busy right now, but from my perspective you’re doing great. I think that during your ceremony on Saturday, you’re going to look around, start to tear up, and thank God for your blessings with all your heart. Can’t put that moment on a to do list, but I think that intense joy is coming your way. Congratulations!

    May 5, 2016/Reply
  5. Melissa says:

    Belle, you are killing it! Just keep that awesome perspective.

    Re student loans: They suck but you will survive them. We all do. When I graduated law school in 2012, I was jobless and terrified about how I was going to pay back all those loans. Fast forward four years and I have nearly paid them off. You can handle them.

    Re exams: I look roughly 25 exams in law school. I felt like I failed 25 exams. Don’t worry too much about running out of time. You are graded on a curve and a lot of other people probably felt the same way.

    May 5, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I’m just having a hard time because I had worked so hard to pay off $80k in loans, and now, I erased the bulk of those gains. Argh.

      May 5, 2016/Reply
  6. amanda says:

    This quote–Sometimes, when you’re drowning, it’s hard to remember that the sea is made of champagne and other people would happily trade places with you. Brilliant. Cheers to the close of this chapter you fought hard for. May the universe bring you a bounty. 🙂 xo

    May 5, 2016/Reply
  7. Cecile says:

    The quote “Sometimes, when you’re drowning, it’s hard to remember that the sea is made of champagne and other people would happily trade places with you” – it’s perfect and amazing and I’m going to have it made into a motivational poster to hang in my cube. Congratulations on your JD!

    May 5, 2016/Reply
  8. Erica says:


    You made this choice carefully, with conviction, and followed through with grit. Enjoy this weekend and celebrate your accomplishment!

    And I agree with the above, I love the quote!

    May 6, 2016/Reply