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Ask Belle: Cool Blazers, and Blazer Packing Tips

Hello Belle,

I’ve started to wear blazers regularly with my work wardrobe, and they do a fantastic job at keeping me warm in a cold office. My only concerns is that summer is creeping up on us quickly and I take the metro to work. Do you have any tips or tricks for carrying a blazer to and from work?

Also, if you could recommend a few trendy blazers, I would appreciate it. I want to add a statement blazer to my wardrobe. 

Thanks so much, Shannon

The best way to pack a blazer is to turn it inside out and roll it up.  Real Men Real Style has a visual tutorial that explains the process perfectly.  This method prevents wrinkles and conserves space so you can carry it in any medium to large work bag.  I would also recommend placing it inside a shoe bag or purse dust bag to keep it unstained.

Now, for the blazer suggestions…


Upper, from left, Plus-size Kasper Polka-Dot Blazer ($79) // FC Emmeline Jacket ($127) // BR Textured Blazer ($168, tall and petite)

Lower, from left, Dex Open Front Blazer ($68) // Halston Heritage Blazer ($166) // Mango Ruched Sleeve Blazer ($119) // ASOS Edge to Edge Blazer ($60)

These seven blazers are a bit unique, but still classic enough for the office.  They all offer a different shape and neckline than the standard blazer.  I think a modern neckline is the easiest way to bring a blazer into the 21st Century.

There are several shops that are my preferred sources for blazers.  Mango has a wide range of sleek, simple styles.  In addition to the white jacket above, I love this Welt Pocket Blazer that comes in four colors.  This cobalt blazer from Mango outlet is another fabulous one.

ASOS always has affordable, cool jackets.  This silver metallic blazer and this YAS Reflect blazer, with a blue print, are for the adventurous among us.  For something more staid, this black ponte blazer from Oasis is certain to be a staple.

Subsidiaries of the major department stores–Nordstrom Rack, Off5th, LastCall–are great sources as well.  This black BCBG jacket with a cobalt yoke is really cool.  This white BCBG jacket with a tuxedo lapel and peplum has a hint of Olivia Pope.

Plus-size?  The Kasper jacket above is nice.  I also love this Eloquii zip jacket in white with a detailed hem.



  1. Joanna says:

    In the height of summer when I worked in DC, I actually started leaving my blazers at work. If I did not have a post work event or pre office event in the morning, I never needed it.

    March 23, 2016/Reply
  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions! Mango has a few that I really like.

    March 23, 2016/Reply
  3. SunnyIA says:

    I’m going to throw my vote in for the MM Lafleur Woolf Jardigan. It’s pricey, but since I got it a month ago, I’ve worn it 2-3 times per week. Goes great with jeans, over a dress, etc. And I always get compliments. If you’re a wardrobe minimalist (like me), this piece is probably the best decision ever. Also: it’s perfect for days when you want to look professional, but not like you’re trying too hard (i.e. meetings with the big dogs).

    March 24, 2016/Reply